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type genus of the family Ascaridae: roundworms with a three-lipped mouth

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Key words: Alligator mississippiensis, American alligator, ascarid nematode, diet, Dujardinascaris waltoni, gastrointestinal parasite, intermediate host, logistic regression.
Peacocks can carry Ascaridia eggs while ducks and wild birds carry another ascarid genus.
The ascarid infects approximately one billion people worldwide and is the most common human intestinal parasite.
coffee, toast, the rush for the lab in the dark to gather up paraphernalia load the station wagon and off again for the river: man as hunter, Ahab again, and Nomad, more prosaically the quarry is microscopic Escherichias, salmonellas, staphylococci, ascarid eggs, coliphages, abject in the face of men, a turning to an urge to heal the earth, its waters, first the detection of ills which becomes life-long non-progressive find & measure the ills first, others can heal with statute, exhortation, engineering, first and for a lifetime detect.
as much as 90-100% of hookworm eggs, 35-90% of ascarid (i.
To the Editor: Baylisascaris procyonis is an ascarid roundworm that commonly parasitizes the intestine of North American raccoons (1,2).
43) Additionally, embryonated ascarid eggs are very hardy and, under laboratory conditions, can survive for 2 years.