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infestation of the human intestine with Ascaris roundworms

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Our results agreed withwho reported that using of ethanolic extraction of some plant extractsof Saudi Arabia have highly efficacy in the treatment of fascioliasis and Ascariasis and also less expensive than other chemical drugs [1,6].
2000) found higher ascariasis prevalence in wastewater irrigation areas in Beni-Mellal, Morocco, but no association with trichuriasis prevalence compared to areas that did not practice wastewater irrigation.
The inefficiency of proper water treatment and regular monitoring may cause several problems to the populations concerned, such as dysentery, cholera, ancilostomiasis and ascariasis (Santos & Mohr, 2013).
A wide variety of parasites can result in biliary tract infection; these include fascioliasis, schistosomiasias, clonorchiasis, ascariasis and echinoccoccosis.
Ascariasis in humans and pigs on small-scale farms, Maine, USA, 2010-2013.
Ascariasis induced eosinophilic cholecystitis A unique case.
But, according to Shuval et al (1986), endemic ascariasis and trichuriasis in the world is coincided with application of wastewater for irrigation.
11) A pediatric study in Hungary showed improvement in children with both seropositivity for ascariasis and asthma who recieved therapy directed at asthma and one course of anti-helminthic drugs.
From 61% to 79% of children living in some villages are infected with four primary parasitic diseases: enterobiasis, ascariasis, giardiasis and hymenolepiasis, according to the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision Department.
These included enterobiasis, schistosomiasis, mucocele, trichuriasis, tuberculosis, ascariasis, Endometriosis, mucinous cyst adenoma, granuloma, carcinoid tumor, neuroma, clonorchiasis, primary adenocarcinoma and secondary carcinoma.
Effects of improved water supply and sanitation on ascariasis, diarrhoea, dracunculiasis, hookworm infection, schistosomiasis, and trachoma.
2012 Prevalence of Ascariasis and the Factors Potentially Influencing Its Transmission among children in Iligan City, Philippines.
According to the official, there are three common causes of intestinal parasitism in the country: ascariasis or roundworm infection, trichuriasis or whipworm infection and hookworm infection.