asbestos abatement

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the removal of asbestos from a public building

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The HSE said a licensed contractor notified the HSE of its intention to carry out planned asbestos removal work at Fitzalan High School during the summer holidays.
Our entire team of technicians highly trained, certified and licensed in all areas of mold and asbestos removal for all residential and commercial properties.
MGL Demolition, with 43 years of proven success in demolition and asbestos removal across business sectors nationally, delivered the complex project at BAE Systems Central Yard area of its live operational site at Barrow.
Over the years we have undertaken many different types of asbestos removal, abatement, reporting, sampling and surveying contracts from large and complex asbestos removal operations which required multiple, methods of asbestos removal, to working within small housing projects.
Companies and individuals must adhere to strict guidelines relating to asbestos removal in order to prevent people from being exposed to this dangerous toxin,'' she said.
We are excited to celebrate inner city businesses like International Asbestos Removal, Inc.
The company deals with asbestos removal, surveying, management and training as well as thermal insulation for both industry and residential sectors.
The department assessed Trinity Green Development, LLC, of Milton a $32,100 fine for alleged asbestos removal and disposal violations found during an inspection at 518 E.
Between 2000 and 2006, the number of licensed asbestos removal jobs soared 60 per cent to nearly 45,000 a year.
Only after analysts are satisfied with the asbestos removal can the buildings be handed to the demolition contractor.
According to the report, asbestos removal from the more-than-50-year-old structure began in early August.
Now a new course aims to tackle the problem of removal The Initiative, one of Glasgow's eight local development companies based in Gorbals, Govanhill and Toryglen, has designed and developed an innovative training solution to address the lack of qualified labour for the asbestos removal industry.
The Neath-based company has achieved phenomenal growth across its four divisions of asbestos removal and treatment, demolition and dismantling, civil engineering, and land remediation.
Construction at the campus - some of it involving asbestos removal - was being eyed as a possible cause of the ailments.
Previously, the courts had held asbestos removal costs to be capital expenditures.
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