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a fibrous amphibole

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Because of these properties, asbestos was regularly used in shipyards, automobiles, factories, and other commercially distributed products.
Action needs to be taken now to tackle the asbestos timebomb in schools across Wales.
Brown and white asbestos found in floor tiles, textured finishes, insulation materials and soffits /reveals.
Emerging technology was the main reason that the properties of asbestos were reconsidered for industrial application.
It said that one in five trades people in the North thought asbestos was no longer a serious problem.
The number of asbestos mines in Quebec increased as the product became more popular in the mid-20th century.
The new research links asbestos exposure with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and scleroderma.
As Roger Parloff reported in the March 4 issue of Fortune, plaintiffs' lawyers have fried hundreds of thousands of new asbestos cases in the past three years on behalf of relatively unimpaired clients with no malignant conditions.
In addition to sizable fines," Ingersoll said, "unsuspecting buyers can be plagued by construction and retrofitting delays if asbestos is present.
Congress should examine all possible ways to resolve the asbestos problem, including medical criteria legislation that would require claimants to prove their cases in courts in the state where alleged injuries occurred.
Asbestos exposure in Libby steins from the mining of vermiculite, which is used for insulation and fireproofing.
The Libby mine was closed in 1990 in 1999, media coverage sparked an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigation that found high levels of asbestos exposure among the town's miners and residents.
We need to think of this as a 50-year problem because we still haven't banned asbestos.
In doing so it sprayed fireproofing material containing asbestos onto the steel structure.