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the brownish gum resin of various plants


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Perhaps you can imagine my childish enthusiasm upon reading shortly later that the asafetida contained nine antiviral compounds.
Add asafetida, Omam seeds, turmeric, oil and mix it properly so as to make the dough softer.
2501626 Masala powder, spices, turmeric powder; flour and preparations made from cereals; bread, pastry and confectionary; ices; honey, treacle, yeast, baking powder; salt, mustard, vinegar; sauces (except salad dressing); coffee, tea, cocoa; sugar, rice, tapioca, sago; artificial coffee; masala rice for biriyani and allied preparations; asafetida, idly chilly powder, appalams, orid dhall, dhoor dhall, moong dhall; dhall; fruit sauces; all included in Class 30.
coriander seeds, asafetida and red chilies until aromatic.
By her account, the seemingly bizarre spice combinations of the ancient gourmet Apicius appear as familiar blends of salt, pepper, nutty garum, garlicky asafetida, and parsley flavours of lovage.
Western Indian--Western Indian Cuisine is rich with flavor enhancing spices such as curry leaves and black mustard seeds, along with turmeric and asafetida, which are shared among all regions of India and are considered to have tremendous medicinal qualities.
But toward evening let me recommend/This, should you ever need it--/I hang a locket of asafetida around my neck.
The extracts of Murraya koenigii, Coriandrum sativam, Ferula asafetida and Trigonella foenum graceum were found to be effective and showed encouraging results against Ae.
A host of less-familiar flavorings and spices are moving in from the fringe: harissa (the Tunisian paste of dried red chiles, garlic, cumin, mint, cinnamon, coriander, caraway, salt and olive oil), zhoug or zhug (a Yemen paste of cilantro, green chiles, garlic, cardamom, black pepper and olive oil), chaat masala (a hot-sour spice blend of black salt, green mango powder, cumin, coriander, chiles, asafetida and ajwain, and so much more.
Hepatotoxicity in herbal remedies, vitamins, and minerals (45) Vitamins/Minerals Megadose vitamin A Excess iron replacement Niacin Teas Sassafras Bush teas (crotalaria, senecio, Heliotropium) Chinese herbal tea Health tonics Chaparral Valerian Skullcap Jin bu huan Germander Senna fruit extracts Comfrey Mistletoe Pennyroyal oil Kalms tablets Gentian Asafetida Table 5.
No wonder: as Brown notes, epileptics at the time "might have been prescribed wild valerian, peony root, mistletoe, digitalis, quinine, white dittany, rue, narcissus, opium, asafetida, garlic, camphor, cantharides, copper, zinc, lead, antimony, mercury, iron, silver, carbonic acid or phosphorus.
Coffee, tea, marijuana, coconut, ginger, asafetida, carrots, and tobacco are among the plants featured.
She made her own medicines from herbs and gleanings in the woods that surrounded their home: Turpentine and sugar for worms (whether you had 'em or not); goose-grease and onion poultices wrapped in soft muslin and slapped on the bare chest; sassafras tea in spring to thin the blood; asafetida bags to hang around the neck in winter to ward off colds.