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Synonyms for soon

before long


Synonyms for soon

in the near future

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Clear greenhouses as soon as possible where they are to house late flowering Chrysanthemums or overwinter half hardy perennials.
Our plan is to acquire other properties as soon as suitable opportunities are presented.
With these facts of local climatology in mind, the sooner you plant your spring garden, the better your plants will grow when hot weather comes, which could happen as soon as late March or early April.
the "Fund") today announced that as a result of the August 29, 2005 announcement by the Ontario Ministry of Finance to eliminate its provincial tax credit for investors in labour sponsored investment funds ("LSIFs"), the board of directors of the Fund has decided to cease distribution of the Fund's Class A Shares as soon as possible and to review the Fund's options for ceasing current operations as soon as practical.
I looked around, but as soon as I applied here, they called me back in two days,'' he said.
Word that the acting president of Cyprus could win the soldiers' release as soon as today raced through Ramirez's East Los Angeles neighborhood, as hundreds added signed cards to the growing tribute of yellow flowers, candles and balloons outside his home.
Silver Screen will locate its business operations to the new location as soon as preliminary construction is completed.
James Oberg, an expert on Russian space affairs, said the collision is just the latest example of why Mir should be abandoned as soon as possible.
The Allied Pilots Association (APA), which serves as collective bargaining agent for the 11,000 pilots of American Airlines, responded to the NTSB's Safety Recommendation concerning omissions in pilot training on transport-category airplanes by calling for specific guidance as soon as possible.