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Synonyms for hen

adult female bird

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flesh of an older chicken suitable for stewing

female of certain aquatic animals e

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UNSUNG Chris Tullin goals are as rare as hen's teeth but it was the former Nuneaton Borough defender who was on target to earn Bedworth United a 1-1 home draw against Burnham at the end of November and a repeat feat in the return at the Gore tomorrow would be most welcome.
But Lib Dem health spokesman Norman Lamb said: "An NHS dentist has become as rare as hen's teeth.
There are plenty of places in England where NHS dentists are as rare as hen's teeth.
Once as rare as hen's teeth, omega-3 eggs are practically mainstream these days.
It may be a style icon of the early 21st Century but try buying one the trendy mini iPod isn't here until late July and the old-style machines are as rare as hen's teeth.