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  • verb

Synonyms for oppose

be against


Synonyms for oppose

to place in opposition or be in opposition to

to take a stand against

Synonyms for oppose

contrast with equal weight or force

set into opposition or rivalry

Related Words

act against or in opposition to

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Where 56 percent of whites support tax breaks to businesses "locating in largely black areas," 79 percent support such breaks "for locating in poor and high-unemployment areas." When policies are framed in terms of race-neutral need as opposed to race-specific criteria, support among whites increases for college scholarships for good students (94 percent vs.
By 63 percent to 21 percent (strongly religious voters, 57 percent to 26 percent; born-again Christians, 52 percent to 34 percent), American voters prefer having government help families through improving public education, increasing the availability of quality child care, providing responsible sex education to young people, making college education more affordable, enforcing child support laws, and expanding job opportunities" - as opposed to Robertson's approach of "promoting traditional moral values, providing greater opportunities for religious expression, reducing the federal tax burden on families, and eliminating laws that interfere with the rights of parents."
The 1991 election of Nadine Strossen as president of the ACLU was widely interpreted as an attempt to return to the group's traditional emphasis on civil liberties such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press as opposed to its involvement with modish issues such as comparable worth and government aid to the homeless.