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a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

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They approached Aruspex to help put together the right tools and techniques for a new approach to workforce planning at Aetna.
Aetna uses Aruspex Planner software to support the process, provide insights into the workforce, highlight current and future challenges, explore and develop future scenarios, quantify gaps, and build comprehensive, measurable action plans, to map solutions to future workforce gaps.
Aruspex delivers strategic workforce planning solutions that help organizations design and attain their future workforce.
Presenters include Lacey All, Manager, Workforce Planning, Starbucks Coffee Company, and Stacy Chapman, co-founder of Aruspex.
The second paper, "Getting Down to Business: How to Workforce Plan," is now available from Aruspex, a leading provider of workforce planning software and consulting services.
Strategic workforce planning is a vital and valuable process for organizations to undertake," said Stacy Chapman, Aruspex co-founder.
Organizational futures are shaped by trends like skill shortages, the aging workforce, and increasing employee demands for work-life balance," explains Tess Walton, Aruspex co-founder.
Two hour consultation with Aruspex principals, explaining the findings and teaching how to use the reports and analysis to engage your executives;
Many organizations lack a framework or tools to understand and analyze future workforce needs, let alone to make the changes necessary to improve the future," explains Stacy Chapman, Aruspex co-founder.
In it, Aruspex maintains that organizations looking three to five years into the future need strategic planning--which is aimed at C-level executives, corporate strategists and HR executives who realize the need for a more strategic, business-driven view in workforce planning.
Strategic workforce planning ensures that people planning aligns with the organization's business strategy," explains Tess Walton, co-founder of Aruspex.
The free report is available from Aruspex, a strategic workforce planning firm that serves some of the world's biggest companies, at the following link: http://www.
This report confirms that the world's leading companies are no longer settling for a basic 12-month staffing plan," notes Stacy Chapman, Aruspex co-founder.
Companies have often misunderstood the role, scope and benefits of workforce planning and have felt reluctant or unqualified to begin," says Tess Walton, co-founder of Aruspex, a strategic workforce planning firm that serves some of the world's biggest companies.
She is a co-founder of Aruspex, one of the world's leading workforce planning strategy firms; she currently oversees the company's product strategy and marketing divisions.