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Synonyms for arty



Synonyms for arty

pretentiously artistic

Words related to arty

showily imitative of art or artists

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Browsing the large assortment of homewares in the Go Arty store is the best way to kick off a Mother's Day shopping spree.
The ARTY board, based on our Artix-7 FPGA, provides a complete FPGA evaluation platform with a full Vivado Design Edition seat, and enables designers to have a quick and easy jumpstart for their embedded applications ranging from Linux-based systems to light-weight microcontroller applications, said Evan Leal, product marketing director, boards and kits at Xilinx.
"Arty is thirty-one years old, isn't he?" I kept asking people every time I was confronted with one of his cartoons.
Lloyd's production, revived by Peter Relton, is updated to the late 1950s and early 60s, with the action switching from arty flat to chic, people-watching restaurant.
Arty Crafty's recent victory at this track was arguably her most impressive yet and, as opposed to the majority of her rivals, she now has a wealth of experience on the all-weather.
"Arty Pants is two very bright, empathetic and passionate ladies doing art classes in schools and community centres at pre-school, after-school, weekend and holiday clubs.
Avoid accessories like big jewellery, bags or hats and let your arty fashions do all the talking.
A group of children I from Holy Cross RC Primary School were exploring a number of different 'arty' activities.
Arty feels like he's living a dead-end life in a dead-end Kansas town.
He goeson to state a dislike for what he called"arty" things.
Arty Moore has a growth hormone deficiency and is half the size of his twin brother, Kurt.
So I've decided to stay at home and leave the arty naked stuff to others.
So arty, so sexy, so maddeningly cool that I'm jealous, Michael Pitt is better at being Kurt Cobain than Kurt was.
Characterised by formal and material experimentation (and slightly daffy names--Dirty joins Lost, Fog and Elektra), Adjaye's houses are skilful manipulations of domestic space, usually for artists or arty people, on edgy, inner London sites.
Directed by Natasha Arty. Screenplay, Kim Fupz Aakeson.