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Synonyms for arty



Synonyms for arty

pretentiously artistic

Words related to arty

showily imitative of art or artists

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Pat Gallagher, Katie Chedgey, with Arty Folks Coventry
Go Arty is a well established gallery known throughout the Sunshine Coast that specialises in hand painted artwork.
For more information or to purchase the ARTY kit, visit http://www.
Of course, Arty is teaching a class on humor--what humor is and what makes it funny.
Arty Pants was set up by Faith Withers and Jo Hastie, and launched in April with the help of funding from Stepclever.
Avoid accessories like big jewellery, bags or hats and let your arty fashions do all the talking.
Arty finally learns what it's like to get noticed, and he realizes it's not all that great.
So I've decided to stay at home and leave the arty naked stuff to others.
So arty, so sexy, so maddeningly cool that I'm jealous, Michael Pitt is better at being Kurt Cobain than Kurt was.
Characterised by formal and material experimentation (and slightly daffy names--Dirty joins Lost, Fog and Elektra), Adjaye's houses are skilful manipulations of domestic space, usually for artists or arty people, on edgy, inner London sites.
Back at USC film school in the 1960s, Lucas had hoped to become an independent filmmaker, creating arty movies, and his first feature, 1971's ``THX 1138,'' bore that out.
Danish kidpic "Miracle," sophomore effort from 31-year-old director Natasha Arty, promises more than it delivers.
Introduce a child to the worlds beyond Earth with the book, CD-ROM, and Web site suite of Arty the Part-Time Astronaut (ISBN 0-9675299-0-5; $19.
MIAMI -- The National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) announced today the appointment of Jose Garcia-Pedrosa as President and CEO and of Daniel Arty as Vice Chairman of the Board.
Tenders are invited for Repair to joinery and plumbing and roof to otm accn of sata bty, b med regt, a med regt, d med regt, a arty bde wksp, a arty bde sig coy, hq a arty bde under age b/r (m) at faridkot mil stn.