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Synonyms for arty



Synonyms for arty

pretentiously artistic

Words related to arty

showily imitative of art or artists

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For more information or to purchase the ARTY kit, visit http://www.
Somewhere along the way Lucas - whether arty filmmaker or pop-culture wizard - seems to have embraced his destiny, whatever direction it's headed.
Daniel Arty previously served as the organization's President.
Arty has embarked on Phase 1 of his Glorious tour, which kicked off on August 6[sup.
From left, Joseph Stockill, Charlie Moores and Miya Samso get arty, above, while Charlotte Stewart |enjoys some messy outdoor play, near right, and Harry Stonehouse takes a break, far right
e British Cycling event is tomorrow in Scholes, Holmrth and the arty creation by Brockholes CE Junior and Infant School PUPILS will stand in Flowery Fields, at the beginning of the race for children and adults.
com)-- Accent Packaging Equipment has officially announced to launch the new and improved Arty 75H flow wrapper.
Following officers and men have been awarded with Tamgha-i-Basalat, Lieutenant Colonel Yasar Nawaz Janjua, Arty, Major Muhammad Imran Tariq, Arty, Captain Haider Nawaz, AC, Lieutenant Zahid Mehmood, SSG, Naib Subedar Gul Bahar Khan (Shaheed), Punjab, Naib Subedar Muzaffar Hussain (Shaheed), FF, Naib Subedar Mir Daraz Khan (Shaheed), CMI, Dfr Hafiz Tariq Ali (Shaheed), AC, Havildar Bismillah Jan (Shaheed), FC KPK, Havildar Muhammad Sharif (Shaheed),
Hitting all the right notes with fans and peers alike, Russian sensation ARTY is a current darling of the dance music world.
London, May 28 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan recently got a tribute from director Richard Phillips who is directing a 97-second arty short showcasing her beauty.
WHEN one thinks of actor Rahul Bose, it is as a restrained arty person, not an action hero.
But Arty Parts, a social enterprise in Bootle which provides "fun, messy and educational art workshops" has gone even further.
Arty feels like he's living a dead-end life in a dead-end Kansas town.
ARTY children with an eye for healthy eating were awarded with passports to Lichfield's leisure centres this week.