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Synonyms for artwork



Synonyms for artwork

photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication

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Loftware said the deal extends its global presence and offers a new cloud-based digital platform with solutions that redefine how enterprises create, manage and print complex labeling and packaging artwork, and scale across their operations.
Kennedy's vividly colored artwork which was painted in 1955, when he was a senator of Massachusetts, consists of a group of homes which are in front of a water body and under a blue sky.
The City of Frisco seeks original, 2-Dimensional artworks by artists from Frisco and the
The artwork depicts a map of India and an image of the Prime Minister.
The impressive 600-meters long artwork was completed in five weeks, and is one of the first artworks to be showcased across Aldar's key developments, which include Al Raha Beach, Yas Island and Shams Abu Dhabi.
Within the framework of Art Commodities, the artist has developed the Smart Art Contract: in order to allow buyers to download the artwork and freely distribute it, a series of digital signatures are embedded in the artwork itself and also used in a certificate of authenticity and an ownership contract.
The license grants the licensee the right to use the artwork on a product or for a specific purpose and for a set time period in exchange for some form of compensation and subject to such other terms and conditions upon which the parties agree.
Entitled "KaiJuice", Amy's piece was created exclusively for the show and is a limited run of one box canvas print of Amy's digital artwork.
The annual gift tax exclusion of $14,000 or the lifetime exclusion of $5,250,000 is available for giving ownership of artworks, but givers may not discount the value of the artwork through fractional gifts, family limited partnerships, or limited liability companies.
Earlier this year the train operator worked with Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg for the May timetable artwork and musician and artist Bill Drummond on several initiatives as part of the first leg of his World Tour 2014-2025 curated by Eastside Projects in Birmingham this year.
A large part of the displayed artwork is based on the Anglican Cathedral's historic architecture and its iconic stained glass windows.
Next, paint the tagboard with colors that match your artwork.
The correct frame greatly enhances the beauty of the artwork while also ensuring the longevity and preservation of the piece, believes Sharon Harvey, director, Showcase Gallery, Dubai.
Flintshire Council thinks the piece of artwork will help raise Talacre's tourist profile as a seaside destination.
The art committee for this event reserves the right to make a selection of the artwork for the exhibition and any artwork that cannot be displayed would be returned to the artist.