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Synonyms for arty



Synonyms for arty

pretentiously artistic

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showily imitative of art or artists

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But short of positing some "gay gene" for artsiness, the answer may have more to do with the surrounding culture than with a sexual orientation: the very fact that society as a whole shuns poetry renders poetry itself "queer" in the old sense of the term.
At the other extreme in the competition from the ideological confrontations with otherness was artsiness.
The first disc features the film, with the option of Richard Schickel's commentary, and a brief intro by director Alexander Payne, whose perceptive comments are undercut by the self-conscious artsiness (quick cuts to his cue cards, tilted camera angles, dull long shots of Payne and his interviewer, etc.
There's a beatnik artsiness to both her husky yet melodious voice and her poetry, but that intelligence more often enhances, rather than overwhelms, the feeling and strong sense of place in her songs of wandering hearts.
It's the artsiness of the French that adds interest and perhaps the artsiest of 'em all is <<Rinocerose>>.
But the Giants aren't pumping out some enervated artsiness.
For our part, however, we find, as the second half 'enlighteningly' unfolds, that we're willing to 'take' the occasional artsiness and thematic 'semaphoring' as minor distractions.