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the arts of decorative design and handicraft

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One-of-a-kind arts and crafts, including jewelry, fiber, handbags, glass, ceramics, gourmet food, and unique holiday gifts from more than 50 artisans and culinary food vendors.
Arts, Crafts, and Finds specializes in all things arts and crafts and will always try to bring the very best finds to their visitors.
ACRAFTY move by Laing Art Gallery sees it add a regional twist to a touring Arts and Crafts exhibition which opens today.
It was known to have been bought directly from Morris and Co, the company founded by William Morris - a leading figure alongside John Ruskin in the Arts and Crafts movement - to produce his wallpapers and textiles.
In the last few weeks he has sold the venture to a business associate to allow him to concentrate specifically on arts and crafts.
Muscat: In an indication of the rising popularity of traditional arts and crafts as a vocation, the number of craftsmen and women in Oman had reached around 10,000 by last year-end, according to data released by Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI).
In their article, "Arts and crafts: critical to economic innovation" (Economic Development Quarterly, February 2014), Rex LaMore, Robert Root-Bernstein, Michele Root-Bernstein, John H.
Now, after learning about the need for a new Arts and Crafts Building at the camp, NBSB is supporting the fundraising effort in multiple ways, including a $10,000 donation.
The ministry sponsored Penduka to exhibit their arts and crafts representing Namibia.
The primary role of licensing in the arts and crafts industry used to be to add variety to collections of papers, stamps, and stickers that featured a mix of characters and surface designs.
Arts & Crafts Houses takes a tour of some sixteen restored houses built and decorated in the arts and crafts style, packing in over 300 color photos and providing woodworkers, masons and others with specific views of art and crafts homes inside and out.
BREAKING GROUND covers the region because in the early 1900s it was a hub of the Arts and Crafts Movement--and key to understanding the evolution of American art as a whole.
The first three decades of the 20th century saw the rise in America of what became known as the 'arts and crafts' era in everything from art, to furniture, to textiles, to home decorations and designs.
Daytime activities include festival favourites such as face painting and arts and crafts - with kid's clubs, sports and activities such as archery, football, fencing or tennis - not to mention heated indoor leisure pools and splash activities.
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