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Synonyms for artlessness

the quality of innocent naivete

ingenuousness by virtue of being free from artful deceit

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and these things being its "chief" delights-and then the pre-eminent beauty and naturalness of the concluding lines, whose very hyperbole only renders them more true to nature when we consider the innocence, the artlessness, the enthusiasm, the passionate girl, and more passionate admiration of the bereaved child--
Theirs was love in all its artlessness, with its interminable conversations, unfinished speeches, long silences, oriental reposes, and oriental ardor.
Primrose it remains, in spite of its artlessness, one of the permanent landmarks of English fiction.
His usual discourses treated of trotting horses, wine-parties in expensive restaurants, and the merits of persons of easy virtue, with a disarming artlessness of outlook.
It was as if I had seen Dora, in all her fascinating artlessness, caressing Agnes, and thanking her, and coaxingly appealing against me, and loving me with all her childish innocence.
The apparent artlessness of this political swindler prevented her from suspecting a trick.
Well researched to the point of artlessness, his essay revisits the choices presented to Rizal en route to Bagongbayan, including names of the ships the hero boarded or was detained: Espana, Castilla, SS Colon.
Even the film's artlessness is political, as if to say 'Let's hear the story from the guys themselves, not some highly-paid liberal actors'.
There were times when people pushed Shakespeare back to lessen his importance but that obviously did not happen as his uniqueness lies in his artlessness. Zia's explanation of the well-known balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet mesmerized the audience.
What betrays the photos' origins in corporate and governmental file cabinets is their shared artlessness. They were taken for documentary purposes by employees of the various agencies and offices enumerated in the book's first pages; they are, in a very real sense, work product.
But whereas the actions of Antigone and Iphigenia call into question the relationship between women, the family, and the polis, Klydone's ignorant if well-intentioned self-sacrificial act only emphasizes her political artlessness, social isolation, and powerlessness.
As Kathryn Sutherland emphasizes, Austen's success was not easily won: "the artlessness of the finished works is the result of labored revision, of painful inner struggle, rather than unconscious perfection" (Introduction xvi).
To be sure, Stansky never engages in a biographical reductionism which suggests that Upward's works are insignificant beyond their autobiographical or anecdotal content--an assumption that guided much earlier scholarship and that has led critics to mistake Upward's deliberately plain prose for an indication of its "artlessness." Instead of reducing Upward's fiction to its autobiographical content, the central merit of Stansky's biography is that it points to the troubled and unresolved relationship between Upward's "art and life" as the central theme of Upward's fictional, critical, and journalistic work.
Maybe mine had touched her, in its very artlessness? At any rate, she'd divulged her first name: Gisela.
Stokes says this with such artlessness it feels as if it is probably true.