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Synonyms for artlessly

in a crude and unskilled manner

in an ingenuous manner


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"An' there'd be no reward for that man - he but went about talkin'," said the Kerry man artlessly.
He owns artlessly that this roused his indignation.
Ar rayed--I MUST say arrayed--arrayed artlessly in dazzling white paint as to wood and dark green as to ironwork the simple-minded distribution of these colours evoked the images of simple-minded peace, of arcadian felicity; and the childish comedy of disease and sorrow struck me sometimes as an abom inably real blot upon that ideal state.
"Why not play a game of piquet together?" she said artlessly, without the slightest malice.
The triumph of artlessly executed hyper-legalism over simple justice became complete in Milliken v.
inde Inclitus.' If that is the explanation, the line 'And honest Clytus scorns the Persian Dress' may mean something like 'Chaucer, the artlessly glorious poet, is above the finery in which Dryden would deck him out'.
President Carter can be justly attacked not only for relenting on the Shah's visit, but also for artlessly relying on the subsequent assurances of Iranian officials that the embassy would be protected.
I was charmed with the combination so artlessly and sincerely evolved, and I looked at others.
Worse, there is no coherent narrative: Gingrich wanders all over the map, artlessly retelling her life story several times in no particular order, meandering off on tangents about famous athletes or religion or books or her feelings about Joycelyn Elders for no discernible reason.
Labor leaders who berated "the money power" were continuing a tradition that had begun in the 1890s, when the populist vision was artlessly agrarian, but in the 1930s and 1940s monetary radicalism had to satisfy industrial workers and intellectuals with a more sophisticated vision of radical reform.
Sitting side by side, telling the story of what could be called "Lunden and Perlman: The Early Years," the composer and lyricist talk almost simultaneously, artlessly weaving two voices into one great flood of words, like two currents that continually rise and fall, separate and merge.
Legends arise apparently artlessly from conversation and deal with the actions of real people in real places and real time.(23) Tellers may insist that the events they recount really happened, or they may disclaim all responsibility, explaining that "the old people used to believe such things." Barbara Rieti suggests that because such stories are often told to impress or discipline children, perhaps every generation thinks its parents or grandparents "really believed."(24)
There are, of course, artlessly drafted provisions--the 25th amendment, for example, that enabled a discredited President Nixon to name his successor--and there are provisions that, no matter how carefully drafted have been so construed as to render them useless--the privileges and immunities clause of the 14th amendment, for example.
For example, consider those employers who artlessly and bluntly interpreted race, class, and status in describing their hiring preferences in the study by Kirschenman and Neckerman.(67) Because maintaining white consciousness requires not-seeing whiteness and not-seeing race, in many situations white privilege will also reproduce itself unconsciously and through a formal attachment to colorblindness.
It is as if Johnny is deliberately parading the language of colonial discourse in order to subvert it from within, and the charm of the book is that it appears to be done so artlessly.