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Synonyms for artistic

Synonyms for artistic

showing good taste

Synonyms for artistic

satisfying aesthetic standards and sensibilities

aesthetically pleasing

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Artistically he represented a third closet: a Brechtian ideologue with Richard Rodgers aspirations.
The nurturing and artistically progressive environment of a small indie combined with the experienced staff and influence of a global media company.
Choreographer Ines Sanguinetti has built a community organization where at risk young people not only recover cultural values, but also artistically bridge the gap between their barrios and Buenos Aires' wealthiest areas.
Impressive numerically and disappointing artistically, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Community Chorus sang the words of Schiller's ``Ode to Joy'' in sloppy, almost halting German, the male voices warm and mushy, the female ones generally shrill.
So a black-and-gold capsule resting on the velvet lining of an antique pillbox may not seem particularly prepossessing artistically.
Because of those works, Copland's image today is that of a musical Norman Rockwell: iconic and popular but not artistically significant.
Canandaigua Wine Company proudly announces the introduction of Talus Collection -- artistically crafted wines from premium grapes sourced from popular California growing regions.
Artistically, there was revelation upon revelation.
But by 1968, the year before astronauts had actually walked on the moon, a more artistically ambitious era began with Stanley Kubrick's ``2001: A Space Odyssey.
In some works, brief narratives are presented in comic strip--like compositions, as in Noche Feliz (Happy Night), 1997, which sweetly depicts six episodes from an amorous and artistically fruitful evening.
The interactive entertainment industry and its products have made tremendous advances since the launch of E3Expo ten years ago -- whether it be technologically, economically, artistically or in terms of just plain fun -- and the popularity of games has increased along with those achievements," said Douglas Lowenstein, president of the ESA, the trade association that represents U.
He often tells students "never be in a situation where a teacher or choreographer asks you to do something, and you say 'I can't do that,' either technically or artistically.
Ravago was artistically inclined, so his family was shocked when he announced he planned to enlist in the Army after high school.
Furthermore, the family life we glimpse in the photos-the children paint, play music, go for countryside walks with their parents- suggests Steiner's idea of an artistically oriented education with highly attentive pedagogy, as practiced in the Waldorf schools he inspired.