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Synonyms for artistic

Synonyms for artistic

showing good taste

Synonyms for artistic

satisfying aesthetic standards and sensibilities

aesthetically pleasing

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Alison Chase seems artistically unimpeded by her forced departure from Pilobolus at the end of last year.
Chelsea House, located on 130 West 19th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, is a 14-story building featuring an artistically inspired facade of clear and fritted glass, ex-posed concrete and stylized window mullions.
Treasures from Grace Thrift Supercenter were artistically packaged and displayed on tables and racks.
Superbly produced and performed, Mosaic, the latest album from the Latin guitar duo Young and Rollins, is an artistically impressive collection combining salsa, flamenco, Latin jazz and classically inclined guitar music.
Technically and artistically competent and one of Bollywood's most anticipated films of 2006, this combines the irrepressible Nana Patekar and promising young star John Abraham on mean streets of Mumbai.
Such variety could be used to assert a sort of Gerhard Richter-like attitude toward one's subjects: All things can be photographed, therefore nothing is more important, artistically speaking, than anything else.
This is a book that addresses contemporary concerns about educating artistically talented students.
While leading designers have never been more diverse or artistically creative, their impact on the great mass of building around the world, most of which is carried out without any significant participation by professionals, is negligible .
If Percival Everett were a rap star, the industry mags would say he has produced a string of hits, maybe not in sales but creatively and artistically.
The books, four in the series, have hard covers and well over three hundred large pages each, and are artistically beautiful, multicoloured, with lots of pictures, advanced concepts, related statements from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and an index.
Despite these handicaps, Gibson's profoundly moving and artistically stunning movie has set box office records and taken in more than $600 million internationally.
Our challenge is to see that students always perform at a high level musically, artistically, no matter what level of repertoire they are performing.
Montreal-based experimental animator Steven Woloshen is, like his West Coast contemporary Richard Reeves, keeping alive the artistically vital and often cinematically thrilling non-representational animation style established in Canada by Norman McLaren.
A colorful frieze of artistically photographed gears also traverses the walls of the plant's QC lab.
Creating differentiated art curricula to accommodate artistically talented student individual needs may enhance student performance and program outcomes.