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Delving into the mindset of an individual's artistic preferences has proven challenging as a systematic approach to assess individual preferences towards different artistic styles and the semantic contents of paintings in an objective way has been lacking.
Kanaan considers that his choice of coffee was in the beginning temperamental as he didn't think that he will continue using that style, yet the admiration which his first artworks have gained made him adopt and get specialized in that artistic style of using coffee in drawing.
As he prepares to leave the mental hospital, van Gogh is questioned on his artistic style by the resident priest who finds his work "disturbing." Van Gogh, an optimist despite his condition and reception, ponders for a moment and offers an idea that turns out to be truth: "God made me a painter for people who aren't born yet."
His poetry and prose often make reference to painters and artistic styles in painting.
Students were very pleased with their masks and the entire school got an introduction into the unique artistic style of Nepal!
Using the traditionally influenced artistic style of varied earth tones, from red to browns and blacks in magnificent panoramas of Plains Indians and horses, Goble executes another classic of traditional Lakota stories, laced with incomparable richness and texture, reverently told with traditional Lakota phrases, words and expressions.
Agafonova and Ucar took 25.15 points for technique and 24.70 for artistic style, leaving them with a total of 49.84 points and placing them 22nd in the competition.
Nevertheless, to the best of our knowledge, all these approaches do not provide users a simple control to adjust the level of the human identity while trying to maintain the original artistic style automatically.
Since then, Zeeshan has pursued miniature painting in college and developed a unique multi- disciplinary artistic style. A style which can now be viewed at his upcoming exhibition -- ' Poster Nama' -- as well.
downtown Eugene is a showing of a new artistic style - "American Verismo" - founded by local artist Jerry Ross.
Although his is not an artistic style I enjoy, its cartoony style and bright colours should appeal to kids.
Since computers started being used to create cartoons, other cartoonists have used photos of objects such as pencils, pens, guns, and buildings like the Capitol dome in their work as an artistic style choice.
Each book has a unique artistic style, but the series still offers a cohesive collection featuring the tales of Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and a compilation of short stories by famed horror writers in Chilling Tales of Horror by Pedro Rodriguez.
In this imaginary world she was keen to capture the feel and atmosphere of the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, combining her unique artistic style and hand-drawn animation with digital colouring and effects.