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Cabinet furniture for a meeting room, made in one architectural and artistic style (conference table, presidium table, desk secretary, desk operator, tribune, decorative portal, flag stand, decorative screen)
Students were very pleased with their masks and the entire school got an introduction into the unique artistic style of Nepal
Since computers started being used to create cartoons, other cartoonists have used photos of objects such as pencils, pens, guns, and buildings like the Capitol dome in their work as an artistic style choice.
Each book has a unique artistic style, but the series still offers a cohesive collection featuring the tales of Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and a compilation of short stories by famed horror writers in Chilling Tales of Horror by Pedro Rodriguez.
In this imaginary world she was keen to capture the feel and atmosphere of the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, combining her unique artistic style and hand-drawn animation with digital colouring and effects.
I was deeply impressed with Tucker's artistic style and compassionate journalistic coverage of a major calamity.
The first is William's life story, drawn in an artistic style that echoes the all-action comic heroes of the 1950s.
His artistic style may kindly be described as 'scribbling'.
Special guests included Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child), celebrity stylist and SoftSheen-Carson artistic style director Johnny Wright, well-known DJ Egypt, actor James McDaniel and BET's Abiola Adams
They were given the freedom to work in their chosen medium and to reflect their own personal artistic style, bringing their own imagination and creativity into reality.
The researchers analyzed various artificial, vision algorithms used to classify art, and found that certain aesthetic measurements--such as analyzing pixels and color distribution and diversity--can help the computers determine artistic style, said Miguel Feixas, one of the authors of a report of the team's findings.
It is the start of an ongoing project to inject art throughout the Bluecoat, with Pete Clarke, Neil Keating, Geoff Molyneux and Nick Sykes each bringing their own particular artistic style and practice to a table in the bar area.
Arts development officer Tracey Harding said: "This exhibition has something for everyone, with a wide range of artistic style and expression on show.
Morse's quirky artistic style explodes over the pages and is visually engaging.
And they ruled Madonna's whip would be seen as a symbol of her artistic style, not a threat of physical punishment.