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Ranging from an eleventh-century Fatimid chess piece to an eighteenth-century Ottoman metal-thread curtain of the Holy Ka'ba door, the sale reflects the remarkable scope of artistic production and craftsmanship in Islamic culture".
It also the duty of the state to disseminate this effort and this artistic production abroad to highlight Tunisia's contribution to the universal civilisation, the prime minister indicated.
Manama, July 24th (BNA) --The producer, Mohammed Al Elaiwi, through Bahrain Artistic Production, is getting ready to present the comic play "A Low-fat Citizen," during Eid Al Fitr, which is considered the second part of the comic play "A Ramshackle Citizen," which was received with a great success during its performance last year during Eid Al Fitr, and will be presented at Bahrain Cultural Hall.
For its part, Natalie Band for Artistic Production also presented a show on the stage of the Arab Cultural Center under the title "The Prince of Melodies".
In the 16th century Italian influences appeared and artistic production moved to Antwerp.
Bahrain TV's main studio will be fitted with cutting edge equipment to promote quality drama and artistic production in partnership with the private sector.
As he is an outsider with the privilege of being given access to the inside, Bogaert's aim is to use irony, gesture, and narratives from the region by means of artistic production.
Showcases rich heritage of Italian artistic production
We were impressed to see that the North is a strong site of artistic production," said Brown.
Though the genealogy of AIW:A can be traced to a network of international artist workshops, in Lebanon it represented a different, avant-garde approach to artistic production and public display -- one that puts as much weight on how the artworks are made as it does the work itself.
Consisting as it does of short but incisive entries on over 90 artists and institutions, all lavishly accompanied by 500-plus illustrations, the latter section of New Visions is effectively a compendium of artistic production in the Arab world today.
Following its debut at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show, Xsara Picasso established itself as the best-selling retail MPV and was the subject of a long-running TV campaign that featured artistic production line robots.
Picasso's loves, the model and the sculptor, nudity, portraiture and different mythological themes appear in these engravings where not only the topics but also the style and the technique provide insight into the artist's creative universe of the time, the 1930s; when he was at the height of his artistic production.
Giffords is an art conservator who begins with a useful discussion of the geography and economics of artistic production in the Spanish colonies and the process of transmission of dictates and patterns from an already multicultural Iberian source to both the core and periphery of the northern reaches of Spain's New World empire.
Such participation comes within the Authority's framework of developing artistic production, promoting cultural dialogue, exchanging experiences, and ensuring the participation of UAE's creative talents in major international art forums," said Dr Sami Al Masri, Deputy Director General of ADACH, in a statement.