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In considering the artistic expression issues, despite finding Moore's paintings were transformative to the extent that they memorialize a football play in a fashion that it can be relished and preserved, it saw "a total distinction between cases involving fine artistic creation and cases involving cards, T-shirts, cups, mugs, [and] posters .
This three-volume encyclopedia set is an in-depth reference to recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence, covering theory, techniques, technologies, and applications of systems using intelligent characteristics for adaptability, automated learning, classification, prediction, and even artistic creation.
Sweaty concert photography and shots of rare artifacts are enhanced by anecdotes from scene legends, recalling a time when artistic creation was executed with nit-budget resources.
WHILE EVERYONE seems to agree on the pervasive presence of capitalism in individuals' daily lives, no one seems surprised by a feature that is a notable exception to this observation: the near-absence of capitalism in the realm of artistic creation.
School children in Jordan were rewarded for their talent and enthusiasm for artistic creation.
Nearly two decades of artistic creation are chronicled from marketing wins and insider experiences--derived from interviews with over fifty musicians, industry executives and producers--to other powerful artists and recordings to evolve from the Impulse record label.
At the time, artistic creation that evinced "vitality, energy, and exciting promise" purportedly occurred elsewhere--in Los Angeles, London, Berlin.
Almost miraculously, Middlebrook gets behind the endless discussions of personality and guilt to remind us that poetry is a calling, that people of talent struggle endlessly to invent and master their craft, and that the nobility of artistic creation can redeem (though never erase) the sordid and sad details of real life.
This auteur's thematic concerns are that of authorship itself: the struggle and processes of creativity and self-expression, the immeasurable value of artistic creation, the questioning of traditional aesthetic standards and the relationship between artists and their audience.
The generally Aristotelian conception that the soul is the principal seed that models and organizes the body is of central importance to the subsequent history of ideas both on artistic creation and racial science.
The organization, which opened in 1982, focuses on developing the process of artistic creation.
According to Groom, the study is an attempt to put "poetry back into literary forgery, and forgery back into poetry," or, to state it less grandly, to move forgery from margins to center by redefining it as an artistic creation rather than as a simple matter of the law.
Yet all around us are scrap materials and other "odds and ends" that can serve for artistic creation.
The Hallucinogenic Toreador is a complex compendium of Salvador Dali's work and an instructive example of his method of artistic creation.
Their faces are painted red, and some hold banners saying, "Include culture," a reference to the neglect of artistic creation during the seventeen Pinochet and ten Christian Democratic years.