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a person who poses for a painter or sculptor


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Maurice gets her a job as a nude artist's model and wants to stay to watch her work She shows up at his place looking for an afternoon delight - but not with him.
Merav, an Israeli immigrant, is a young artist's model working in and around San Francisco.
And if the artist's model looks a little brighter and lustier in "Ephemeral Passion," perhaps that's Paglia's ironic comment on the morality of his day.
of Missouri-Saint Louis), the academic stereotype of a artist's model was male, and his role off the model stand was irrelevant, but by the end of the century, the model was popularly assumed to be female, often sexually available, and perhaps in a sexual relationship with the artist.
De Pina, the ice man turned fireworks maker and sometime artist's model, and Magda Harout does delicious double duty as the tipsy actress and the Grand Duchess of Russia who comes in late to make blintzes.
Not only is terrorism ever-present in the novel, mirroring the Syrian terrorists attacks of 1986, but it also conflates with the hardships of Eden's everyday life as an artist's model, an au pair, a poet's helper, or even a thief when she has to survive without a job.
The theme of salvation versus no life at all echoes in a wall-size charcoal drawing that matches a modular wooden artist's model with a few crudely scrawled words: DOWN?
Bonfiglio trained as a dancer in college, but it was his work as an artist's model that fired him with the spirit of emulation.
Their stepmother Topaz (Tara Fitzgerald), a fey former artist's model, used to be his muse but can no longer work her magic.
Lavalette Tootikian (Lalla Lezli), dancer and artist's model, died in surgery on June 23, 2002, after complications from an automobile accident.
Soeur de Sentier, Mistletoe and Artist's Model were locked in battle when the male streaker darted in front of the three horses, narrowly avoiding a collision.
Meanwhile, artist's model Matthew wants to meet someone who is as body-conscious as he is, but his stammer makes it hard for him to chat up women, while Daniella has a rare genetic condition and has never been on a date - - until now.
Connery earned cash as an artist's model in Edinburgh before becoming an actor.
On leaving school, she spent six years as a student at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where her contemporaries included Annie Lennox, and made ends meet posing as an artist's model.