artist's loft

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a factory loft that has been converted into an artist's workroom and living area

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"The Artist's Loft," a new interview format conference session spotlighting a high-profile designer, will also launch this spring.
Of the fifteen "Quasi-cinemas," only Neyrotika was shown publicly before the artist's death in 1980 from a stroke at age 42, and nearly all of the "Quasi-cinemas" were privately presented in the artist's loft. Fortunately, Oiticica was a prolific writer, and his detailed notes and instructions have enabled the posthumous realization of the "Cosmococas." Three are featured in the Wexner exhibit, along with Neyrotika and the Super-8 film Agripina Roma-Manhatan, 1972.
Broadway, where white-washed walls and exposed ceilings are meant to evoke an artist's loft. A display bed is fitted with DKNY Pure, a sub-classification of the brand that extends through men's and women's apparel items.
"An artist's loft in a garden," said Los Angeles lighting and furniture designer Ron Rezek, summing up the objective of his family home.
This authentic full-floor artist's loft in the center of Greenwich Village provides the perfect canvas on which to project one's unique design visions.
A TRUE, first generation Soho artist's loft owned by the late conceptual artist Arakawa and his wife, Madeline Gins, is for sale at $22.5 million.
Although the original artist's lofts were just thriftily thrown together with hand-me-downs and picked-off-the-sidewalk furniture, today's loft decor can be quite lofty.
Mileski, EVP/COO, and Gerry Gessie, Branch Executive Director in support of The Gateway Family YMCA - Rahway Branch for the naming rights to one of the newly constructed Artist's Lofts within the facility.
The Rahway Branch will offer Artist's Lofts within the newly renovated facility, providing dedicated space for artists (both amateur and professional) to help individuals and groups create and have artwork on display.