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Synonyms for artiodactyl

of or relating to or belonging to mammals of the order Artiodactyla

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(2012) observed a pattern in terrestrial artiodactyls, where small species show a very limited amount of skull suture fusion, hypothesizing that it could be related to the thickness of the skull bones, based on the functional observations of Moazen et al.
Like all artiodactyls, including pigs, hippos, camels, cattle and antelopes, deer have hooves with an even number of toes.
More recent genetic research found that among artiodactyls, hippos are the cetaceans' closest living relatives.
MAMMALS OF ACJANACO.- Ten species of mammals were recorded in Acjanaco (Tables 4, 5), including one marsupial, six rodents, two carnivorous and one artiodactyl. The marsupial collected was Lestoros inca (Paucituberculata, Caenolestidae), the rodent species included Thomasomys sp.
The marsupials (1,2) and the small artiodactyl, Leptomeryx (3), are the only portions of the fauna which have been studied in detail.
This compares to an estimated range of 8 to 12 MJ/d average realized metabolic requirements for a 20-kg artiodactyl (Konoplev et al.
(1995) estimated and then synthesized ancestral amino acid sequences of artiodactyl pancreatic ribonuclease.
After being such a sensation four years ago at the Brazil tournament, the Gulf News auguring artiodactyl has been at it again for the biggest sporting event in the world, currently taking place in Russia, selecting his winners for the biggest matches each day.
As with the VP7 genes, the VP1 and NSP4 genes are also assumed to have been derived from artiodactyl strains.
Stability of cladistic relationships between Cetacea and higher level artiodactyl taxa.
Abstract.-- A small new species of the anthracotheriid artiodactyl genus Heptacodon is described from the middle Eocene Yegua Formation (Claiborne Group) from a site near Lovelady, Houston County, Texas.
To the researchers' surprise, the ankle had a unique form that's found only in artiodactyls. Since living cetaceans have no vestige of these bones, the discovery of early whales with distinctly artiodactyl ankles provides a "Rosetta stone" linking modern marine mammals to living artiodactyls, says Gingerich.
INTRODUCTION Faunal lists for the Medicine Pole Hills (MPH) Local Fauna have been reported (1,2), however, the only element of the fauna that has been studied in detail is the artiodactyl, Leptomeryx (3).