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Synonyms for arty



Synonyms for arty

pretentiously artistic

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showily imitative of art or artists

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A bizarre Hungarian movie, part comedy, part horror, part pretentious artiness.
Reading against memory makes us more aware of the intricate artiness of the work as a whole" (98-99).
Bart's and the artiness of Key West--all in one easy-to-maneuver shopping and dining paradise.
a living contradiction' of ethereal artiness and practical business sense: she knew how to sell not just her paintings but herself.
Unfortunately, the narrative is too anecdotally disconnected to really engage and, while Dillon brings an appealing hangdog quality to his self-absorbed loser, the film is too concerned with its own artiness to get its hands dirty in the real squalor of Bukowski's writings.
The strong cast puts in fine performances, especially Sheila Hancock, but this self-indulgent artiness left me cold - and saying no.
Wolfe and other fair administrators wanted to bring back the artiness but without the tackiness.
Decorate your pad in a mish mash of artiness and travel to off beat destinations even if it's on a back pack budget.
And now a French producer (Pascal Caucheteux) and a French director (Jean-Francois Richet) have paid homage to Carpenter's earliest hit, imparting to the project the very artiness that the New Wave wanted to escape.
While some of the self-conscious artiness of the 13-song, hourlong film, which was directed by Mitchell, is distracting, the music is solid with her band of keyboardist Russell Ferrante, guitarist Michael Landau, Klein and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta.
5) Apparently, this striking jeremiad was influenced by Wyndham Lewis's own energetic satires, especially The Apes of God (1930), which Sorrentino calls "Lewis's brilliant assault upon the Bloomsbury of his time" (O'Brien, "Interview" 6): "Imaginative Qualities of Actual Things--what I wanted to do with this morass of phony artiness that exists in New York and other places--was directly influenced by The Apes of God.
The temptation is to try to preserve the quality of funky charm or bohemian artiness or whatever icon you prefer, which can mean either packaging "the P'town experience" for profit or turning the town into a museum.
Hobbled by his reputation for unreasonable production demands, artiness, quitting jobs, and making himself sick with neurosis, he craves one last chance.
The Bloomsbury religion consisted of a coterie bourgeois-bohemian artiness in which private states were exalted and good cleaning ladies much prized.
After the gutty originality of Damn the Torpedoes and Hard Promises, Southern Accents, Let Me Up (I've Had Enough), and Into the Great Wide Open suffered from a self-conscious artiness.