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Synonyms for arty



Synonyms for arty

pretentiously artistic

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showily imitative of art or artists

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Neatly embroidered with the slogan "lie back and think of England", they just happen to be artily framed and displayed on the wall of the private members' club chosen by his people, improbably enough, for our interview.
And if artists aren't going to make fun of artily positioned institutions, who's going to do it?
Jeremy Irons from 1986 probably looks the most luvvyish, holding a cigarette very artily.
The guide describes it as "providing pedestrians with a funky link to Newcastle, via the artily regenerated quayside area".
Artily voyeuristic for a while but gains peculiar emotional power.
In keeping with this relaxed approach, the pub looks rustic - not in a tired, brasses-and-cobwebs way but with that stripped-back, artily artless look that's become de rigueur for gastropubs.
There are stripped stone walls decorated with bundles of twigs artily arranged to give customers the impression of eating in a Tuscan vineyard.
Having registered, you roll up, put your clothes in a plastic bag, get scattered artily around the store for the shot by Tunick, before getting dressed again.
Best Laid Plans is not the best made film you are ever going to see, for all its determination to be artily atmospheric and moodily dark.
It's a bit gloomy and artily enigmatic, almost as if the New Yorkbased pianist doesn't want to be recognized, an idea also suggested by the total absence of biographical information.
There is one typical Bruckheimer plot, however, involving prostitutes who douse erogenous body parts with a knock-out potion, with gratuitous (if artily shot) flashbacks giving us every lurid detail of how the potion was in fact ingested.
I stripped off on film once, but at the time it was an artily composed shot of my bottom as I lay on a bed - and an all-male crew.
Sumptuously costumed, spiced with artily photographed set-pieces and built round a thriller plot, this is a movie that somehow promises rather more than it manages to deliver.
Highly Sprung was formed two years ago by graduates of Coventry University but this piece still has the look of the student workshop about it, notably in its artily choreographed violence.