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a serviceman in the artillery

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Air assault missions allow field artillerymen to move quickly on the battlefield in order to conduct suppression of enemy aerial defense missions known by its acronym SEAD.
Down south, a group of artillerymen from Her Majesty's Royal Arsenal got together to found the club that made Highbury their home for 93 years.
With typical Prussian thoroughness, the tests employed artillerymen who achieved a level of marksmanship "equal to an engineers' company only.
Kim expressed satisfaction over the drills and said: "Any enemy group will never land in seashore of the country as our reliable artillerymen stand guard in full readiness to wipe out the aggressors," KCNA reported.
Artillerymen spent 62% of their time at the front or fighting, while the cavalry spent just 20%.
And the Irish Regiment answered and said, "It was those damnfool artillerymen there.
An NCO with the Army Service Corps Motor Transport division, he delivered munitions to artillerymen close to the front line.
The artillerymen defending the Southwestern front "are ready to throw the enemies into a crucible", he was quoted as saying, Xinhua reported.
Discussing a topic previously neglected by historians, Walker, a historian and Vietnam veteran, outlines the role of forward observer teams in World War II, artillerymen who accompanied infantrymen on the front lines and directed the artillery fire.
Walton, the son of one of the forward observers on Okinawa, spent more than 20 years investigating what happened to his father and other artillerymen during the conflict.
Once a barrack base that housed British artillerymen during World War II; the Ma.
A small detachment of artillerymen with fire light guns went with them.
Dave got his first taste of war reporting for the Chronicle on Geordie artillerymen on the frontline at the Macedonia-Kosovo border in 1999.
In the immediate rear of the Union line, in one of the few clearings, the Army of the Potomac had its headquarters--a tent city guarded by hundreds of cavalrymen and hundreds more artillerymen with 50 cannons.