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Synonyms for artilleryman

a serviceman in the artillery

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I still wanted to know what happened to the artilleryman, so I responded to the e-mail of my newfound friend.
Two-hundred-and-eighty-pound Henry Knox was the first to cross the room and the tall Virginian threw his arms around the corpulent artilleryman with whom he had been in the field since 1775.
The former Royal Artilleryman with close colleague, the late Sir Harry Secombe, toured army camps and provided much humour and entertainment for the troops and, after demob, they both became top stars in radio, film and TV.
Previous assignments include a tour in Germany as an artilleryman with assignments as a fire direction officer, a battalion task force fire support officer and as the headquarters battery executive officer.
Former Royal Artilleryman John Dolphin, who is chairman of the Federation of Birmingham Ex-Service Associations, said that veterans appreciate the support of so many people.
It was placed close to a grave chosen at random from thousands - that of Army Specialist Michael Stansbery Jnr, an artilleryman killed, aged 21, in Afghanistan in 2010.
Former artilleryman Christopher Davis, 33, told a court the 21-yearold girl woke up when he went into her bedroom and asked him for sex.
The former artilleryman was branded a "predator of children" when he was jailed for six years in October 2011 for eight counts of indecent assault against three pre-teenage girls.
Joss Stone is Beth, Parson Nathaniel''s Wife and The Artilleryman is Ricky Wilson.
On the corners of its main pillar stand statues of a soldier, artilleryman and a cavalry sergeant.
Ricky will be taking on his first ever performance role as The Artilleryman, originally played by David Essex on Jeff Wayne's classic recording.
The 31-year-old artilleryman was serving with the Royal 22nd Regiment Battle Group, which was the last Canadian unit deployed to Kandahar in a combat role.
Blood on German Snow: An African American Artilleryman in World War II and Beyond by Emiel W.