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Synonyms for artilleryman

a serviceman in the artillery

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I still wanted to know what happened to the artilleryman, so I responded to the e-mail of my newfound friend.
Ricky will be taking on his first ever performance role as The Artilleryman, originally played by David Essex on Jeff Wayne's classic recording.
The 31-year-old artilleryman was serving with the Royal 22nd Regiment Battle Group, which was the last Canadian unit deployed to Kandahar in a combat role.
I know of an artilleryman due to go to Afghanistan told he must stay in Catterick to be trained for Libya - just in case.
Jason Donovan, who will play The Artilleryman, said "I grew up listening to this album so it's very special to be performing in it.
To this reviewer, an artilleryman, the single most useful part of this work is the detailed description of the inner workings of a light (75-millimeter) field artillery battery in combat.
Blood on German Snow: An African American Artilleryman in World War II and Beyond by Emiel W.
The omission was noticed by Frank Bixby, a returned Civil War artilleryman, who tried to intercede, but was slightly burned by the exploding powder.
The surprise of the night, however, was show singer Alexis James, a Les Miserables veteran who is now playing the obsessed Artilleryman made famous by David Essex.
Many an artilleryman has assumed the role of the infantry--patrolling the streets of Baghdad, spending more time inside a Humvee and conducting raids than putting the skills of their chosen military occupational specialty to use.
Hawk, a 20-year-old artilleryman in the 3rd Marine Division.
The artilleryman sitting around waiting for me to direct him to shoot is making a mistake.
Hylan's years as a Marine artilleryman prepared him for his duties in directing many of the land-battle related divisions.
7) This National Archives image of a World War I artilleryman helps illustrate ``American Experience: War Letters.