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The Family Readiness Group of the National Guard in Lakeland is a volunteer organization organized by the families of soldiers serving in the 2/116 Field Artillery unit.
The first Marine artillery unit equipped with the M777 will achieve operational capability during the Spring of 2005.
The artillery unit of the Ministry of Defense and operational group of the Ministry of Emergency Situations fired eight shots on the 222nd km of the road.
The Tyneside Artillery Association wants to hear from former gunners and anyone who belonged to other sections but were posted to an Artillery unit.
The report said an artillery unit stationed in the border town of Paju, Gyeonggi Province, mistakenly fired a shell that landed near Daeseong-dong, a civilian village on the southern side the DMZ dividing the two Koreas.
King Abdullah and Sheikh Sabah reviewed a guard of honor as a military band played the national anthems of both countries and an armed forces artillery unit fired 21-gun salute.
The cannons are loud, and we tone it down a little,'' said Paul DeNubilo, Thousand Oaks resident and color sergeant for the Richmond Howitzers, a Confederate artillery unit.
Army's 3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery unit of Fort Carson, Colorado.
Army from 1966 through 1973 as a field artillery unit commander and attack helicopter flight commander.
In a statement, the brigades said group members of the artillery unit
He said that the artillery unit of the Iraqi Army's Eighth Brigade pounded the terrorists' positions in Khalidiya Island located 23 kilometers to the East of Ramadi.
It added in a statement that its artillery unit targeted with two shells
The airstrikes targeted military positions of the terrorists in Western Idlib and destroyed an artillery unit and DshK-equipped vehicles of the terrorists.
Tenders are invited for Construction Gos Mess For Sector Hq And Artillery Unit For Bsf Kodki Road At Bhuj Sh Furnishing Of Gos Mess
The contract calls for the supply of a complete solution for an artillery unit, including self- propelled artillery, command stations, forward observation stations and target acquisition systems, as well as command and control systems, in an integrative solution to connect all systems.