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An alert was sounded in Jammu city after an army officer and two other personnel were killed in the gun battle that ensued after terrorists, reportedly four in all, stormed the 166 artillery unit, opening fire at the officers' mess in the town that serves as the headquarters of the army's 16 corps.
Artillery units had observation/liaison planes assigned.
But the artillery unit is believed to have some 600 to 700 troops and the division to which it belongs about 5,900 troops, the Asahi said.
Castings also allow the artillery unit to be lighter in weight.
The collaborator al-Shaddadi was killed by the artillery unit in an unique operation after he was monitored and tracked down in the specific place late on Friday, the official said.
The pro-militants Smart News website quoted special sources as saying that the Russian Army has sent large amount of weapons and military equipment comprising artillery units and missile launchers as well as many military tanks for the Syrian Army in contact lines with terrorists in Northern Hama.
During the training sessions, classes and exercises were conducted with rocket and artillery units in conditions close to combat, the results of combat training and the state of military discipline were analyzed and tasks were assigned in connection with the upcoming training period.
The trial of Ramiz Drekovic opened at the state court in Sarajevo on Tuesday, with the defendant accused of ordering artillery units of the Bosnian Army's Fourth Corps to carry out non-selective attacks on Serb civilians in the village of Kalinovik in the Konjic municipality between May 21 and June 7, 1995, BIRN reports.
Pyongyang on March 26 put its missile and artillery units on the highest alert level, citing the need to protect its sovereignty against threats from South Korea and the US.
North Korea's military on Tuesday ratcheted up its rhetoric against the United States and South Korea, saying it will put strategic missile and long-range artillery units on "the highest alert" with a warning that a strike could reach the U.S.
The statement added: "The Korean People's Army top command declares that all troops including strategic rocket units and long-range artillery units are to be placed under Class A combat readiness."
At the beginning RAFO fighters engaged land targets, then the procedures of the exercise were executed with live ammunition support from the Sultan of Oman Artillery units and the Jet fighters participating in the exercise, simultaneously with airborne of arms and equipment needed in the exercise till the success of the final stage of Volcano- 4 as planned.