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a shell fired by artillery

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In response to the inquiry, Tbong Khmum-based CMAC officers explained that such artillery shells were dropped during the civil war.
As a result of the urgent operational search measures, the agency's specialists discovered a 76-mm artillery shell BR-350, which was then taken away for neutralization.
Abu Azzum was pronounced dead in Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah, where medics had described his injuries as critical as a result of being hit with the fragments of the artillery shell in the head.
"Then I panicked after realising what I thought it was - an artillery shell.
Deminers of the border unit and law enforcers determined that the item the children played with was the unexploded artillery shell.
The team arrived at the scene at 2.15pm and examined the artillery shell on the spot.
The Islamic Republic may have provided Libya with artillery shells recently found in the Libyan desert stuffed with mustard gas, The Washington Post reported Monday.
Neighbourhood beat manager PC Peter Bell said: "The likelihood is the artillery shell has been kept in someone's garden, and it might be they haven't noticed it's gone missing.
Ballistics engineers apply the same principle to stabilize the flight of artillery shells and missiles.
An artillery shell was found in one of the villages of Azerbaijan's Goygol region, Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) stated in its report on July 25.
The sources said the four Syrian workers were wounded when an artillery shell hit a house inside an agriculture project in Masharih al-Qaa, close to the border with Syria.
The determination,made by a laboratory in the US that officials would not identify, verifies what earlier,lessthorough field tests had found: the bomb w as made from an artillery shell designed to disperse the deadly nerve agent on the battlefield.
Ian McGhee, 48, was blown up when he picked up a suspected artillery shell in the desert.
The army bomb disposal unit was dispatched from Collins Barracks in Cork city to deal with a 33 pounder naval artillery shell discovered on a building site at Compass Hill, Kinsale.