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a shell fired by artillery

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The agency received information about a BM-26 125-millimeter artillery shell found in the village and immediately sent a special mobile group to the place of detection.
The sources asserted that the artillery shells of the Turkish regime targeted the water pumping plant in the village of Kafer Safrah in Jindiris area, causing the stoppage of pumping water to scores of other affiliated villages and towns.
Then I panicked after realising what I thought it was - an artillery shell.
Contract Awarded for Precision guidance fuses intended for existing artillery shells.
Deminers of the border unit and law enforcers determined that the item the children played with was the unexploded artillery shell.
The Islamic Republic may have provided Libya with artillery shells recently found in the Libyan desert stuffed with mustard gas, The Washington Post reported Monday.
Neighbourhood beat manager PC Peter Bell said: "The likelihood is the artillery shell has been kept in someone's garden, and it might be they haven't noticed it's gone missing.
In the new model, these metal saw blades have been replaced with graphite blades and the artillery shells with ammonium nitrate.
The attack comes as US military officials revealed an artillery shell rigged as a roadside bomb contained the lethal sarin nerve agent and caused minor ailments to 2 US soldiers last week.
In Marco Vaglieri's video II tempo che serve--Parte prima (The time that is needed--Part one; all works 2002) the hypnotic image of a heavy artillery shell, rotating in a circle and plowing the sky in an endless trajectory, is linked with a spoken voice.
A small scramjet-equipped projectile, somewhat like an artillery shell and fired from a cannon, generated enough thrust to overcome air resistance, the agency reported.
Rockwell Coffins and the UK's Defence Evaluation and Research Agency have successfully completed trials of a Global Positioning System (GPS) contained in an experimental 155-mm artillery shell.
Upon the terrorists' arrival at a location where they were preparing to board to a minibus, the entire group was destroyed by a Krasnopol high-precision artillery shell, the Ministry confirmed.
Variants of the 105mm Illuminating Shell have been used by multiple armed forces around the world and continues to be one of the best solutions to meet a 105mm illuminating artillery shell capability.
The sources said the four Syrian workers were wounded when an artillery shell hit a house inside an agriculture project in Masharih al-Qaa, close to the border with Syria.