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Also 26 Takfiri terrorists were killed by the Iraqi forces' artillery fire against their positions in al-Sokrah district in Anbar province.
Battle space management, dynamic synchronisation, prioritisation, deconfliction, coordination, and targeting cycle are all key functions that make an artillery fire mission much more complex than the simple shooting of a gun.
A Reuters correspondent in the heart of the city, once eastern Ukraine's industrial hub, heard loud explosions from heavy artillery fire.
There was incoming enemy artillery fire with chunks of red-hot shrapnel coming through the side of the tent.
Kang Myeong-sung, speaking from a shelter on Yeonpyeong island, which is in sight of North Korean territory, said he didn't hear any fighter jets, but heard the boom of artillery fire.
Discussing a topic previously neglected by historians, Walker, a historian and Vietnam veteran, outlines the role of forward observer teams in World War II, artillerymen who accompanied infantrymen on the front lines and directed the artillery fire.
Beirut: Syrian troops bombarded rebel bastions near the capital on Sunday a day after at least 32 civilians including 11 children were killed by air strikes and artillery fire in the Damascus area, a watchdog said.
Soldiers responded with artillery fire towards the source of the shooting… a direct hit was identified," she said without elaborating.
On Sunday another Syrian mortar shell fell inside the Turkish territory, prompting the retaliatory artillery fire by the Turkish army in a fifth straight day.
MOSCOW, (SANA) -- Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov on Sunday called for waiting for the results of deep and objective investigation into the tragic incident that took place in al-Houla in Homs countryside and the deductions of the international observers in Syria, since there is information proving that the victims were not killed by artillery fire.
Israel announced the raid and the artillery fire targeted armed group close to the fence in the northern Gaza Strip.
GAZA, December 7, 2011 (WAFA) -- A Palestinian man was killed and five others injured in an Israeli air raid and artillery fire east of Shajaiyya neighborhood in Gaza City, said medical sources.
The South Korean military rescued seven North Koreans on three fishing boats in waters near the disputed maritime border with the North on Thursday, a day after the two sides exchanged artillery fire in the region, South Korea's Defense Ministry said Friday.
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