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the quality of being produced by people and not occurring naturally

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The message, drawn loosely from the title, warned against duplicity and artificiality.
Fresh and energetic, it plays out the action on a trestle set with onstage viewers, inviting us to collude in the art and artificiality of its romantic conventions - amorous nobleman, aided by wily barber, steals lovely girl from beneath the nose of her elderly guardian.
Arguing that it is not the artificiality of borders, but rather their arbitrariness, that have been a bane to Africa, with serious consequences for the politics of identity, character of conflicts, and project of nation-building, this volume argues for revising African borders (or in some cases not revising borders) based on their value to particular constituencies and on the basis of changing realities.
The investigation of artificiality culminates in a series of clever pairings and picture arrangements on the final floor.
The bench said SEBI should ensure that fraud, deceit and artificiality have no place in the securities market.
Characters, all writers or failed writers, are loopy, unsympathetic misfits, driven by curious obsessions that give them an uneasy artificiality.
This latest feature reunites him with many frequent collaborators to craft a tender love story in his trademark world of heightened artificiality.
There are plenty of sub-plots concerning the love affairs of the main characters and the play is very much an attack on the artificiality of human behaviour and sentiments.
The antidote to state artificiality was authoritarianism.
His transparent sincerity and indefatigable will to win were attractive personal qualities: there was no artificiality about Joe.
Enter journalist Kathryn Schulz, who, referring to thinkers such as Augustine (who said "Fallor ergo sum," I err, therefore I am), Freud (who proposed that verbal slips are clues to truth), Locke (who thought that error seeped into our lives through the gap between the artificiality of words and the reality of the things they name), and Alan Greenspan (who expressed "shocked disbelief that markets aren't self-regulating), proposes that we look at wrongness as both a given and as a gift that can transform our worldviews, relationships, and ultimately ourselves.
All of the people he encounters think these characters are real, including the camerawoman, and as Brendan, Shirley and Gary try to make their fortunes in Tinseltown, the artificiality of celebrity life across the Atlantic is exposed, warts and all.
You see so many contradictory things occurring right now because there's a lot of artificiality in the global economy.
It's hard not to feel indignant on behalf of the subjects who smile out at the audience, unaware that they are characters in the photographers narrative about the artificiality of the Western dream.
What Peter was saying was that Gordon should just be himself, that artificiality does not work in politics, and that what he is and what he stands for and the policies he is pursuing should be allowed to speak for themselves.