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Direct access to the sea is very difficult as the lake is far away from the ocean following urbanisation, and artificial ventilation is expensive, besides not allowing proper circulation.
In the interim, oxygen was being administered to the patient by way of an anaesthetic face mask and artificial ventilation.
Though it is expensive at $60,000 (Dh220,380), artificial ventilation costs more at $150,000 (Dh550,000) a year.
These activities include providing training to perform artificial ventilation, providing resuscitation kits, and encouraging by standers to help patients in emergency cases.
We need to install an artificial ventilation system for the pool deck to make sure there is enough air circulation, that it's not too hot or cold.
Endotracheal intubation is required to establish an airway in critically ill patients needing artificial ventilation for a long period.
A recent systematic review based on a meta-analysis of studies regarding the timing of tracheostomy in adult patients undergoing artificial ventilation found that early tracheostomy (tracheostomy within 7 days of MV) shortens the duration of artificial ventilation as compared to late or no tracheostomy.
This work will also help clinicians to make early predictions of how well a patient's immune system will respond to viruses, so they can manage early interventions such as artificial ventilation more effectively.
Doctors and mine officials say risk is posed to ther health due to the artificial ventilation.
Madrid confirmed on Saturday evening that Di Stefano was under sedation, with endotracheal intubation and artificial ventilation, and was being subjected to the relevant clinical trials.
The man is currently recuperating and has been placed on artificial ventilation.
Reports mentioned that medically-induced coma can be induced by powerful anaesthetics and is broadly similar to the sedation and artificial ventilation used during surgery and it is used to shut down many brain functions and so lower blood flow and pressure.
Expert training will now be available in Dubai in the area of artificial ventilation and anesthesia thanks to an agreement between Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) and Drager.
Yosra is not able to breathe by herself and is supported through artificial ventilation.
He highlighted the Ministry's urgent need for some medical equipment such as ambulances, artificial ventilation apparatus, kidney dialysis equipment, incubators, life-saving drugs and cancer & chronic disease drugs.