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a synthetic covering with two layers used experimentally to treat burn victims

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Before the artificial skin was developed I'd been stuck in my flat to shrivel up.
The initial cell adhesion and spreading activities would be especially important in the use of artificial skin preparations such as wound dressings and scaffolds for tissue engineering (Min et at.
He manages to nurse her back from the brink of death and becomes obsessed with trying to create an artificial skin which can return her to her
Brilliant plastic surgeon Robert Ledgard (Banderas) is haunted by the death of his wife in a fire and he works night and day to develop an artificial skin that can withstand potentially fatal situations.
In the movies it could punch through metal and concrete, and run at speeds of 46 mph, but its artificial skin was easily spotted by the humans.
Surgeons had to remove the skin from her entire face and use an artificial skin substitute and skin grafts from other parts of her body to rebuild it.
She was left blind in one eye and surgeons had to remove the skin from her entire face and use artificial skin and skin grafts to rebuild it.
The only way to correct the artificial skin tones was to manually increase the brightness of the overall photo, using the onboard brightness control.
THE SUN FARMER: THE TORY OF A SHOCKING ACCIDENT, A MEDICAL MIRACLE, AND A FAMILY'S LIFE-AND-DEATH DECISION tells of an Illinois farmer so badly burned in a tractor accident that only his feet were untouched--a tragedy which brought his wife a difficult decision: to allow him to die, or allow doctors to enshroud him in a cocoon of artificial skin.
Eventually Anton was transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital and has already had two skin graft operations, with damaged skin replaced by artificial skin.
Successful use of a physiologically acceptable artificial skin in the treatment of extensive burn injury.
Surveying more than 300-million-years of evolutionary development as it relates to the skin of homo sapiens, "Skin" addresses the critical role skin plays in human health (including processing sunlight for Vitamin D), the role of melanin in protecting us from the sun's rays, and the advances toward to the creation of artificial skin, gene therapies, reversing the aging process of skin, and other fascinating issues related to our skin.
The revolutionary repair works by using an artificial skin template made from the fin, which is placed on the most serious deep burns.
In case anyone gets the wrong idea a cyborg is a combination of machine and living organism, which means anyone with a pacemaker, artifical joint, limb, drug implant system, implanted corneal lens or artificial skin is technically a cyborg.
Will this artificial skin really pare down swimmers' race times?