artificial respiration

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The baby's initial distress resulted due to the insertion of a chest tube for ventilation, a procedure that caused a lung perforation as a result of high-pressure artificial respiration.
Across the Few kisses are more deadly than a government giving artificial respiration to private business.
William Thornton proposed thawing the body-first in cool water and then with warm blankets and rubbing of the skin, with a subsequent tracheotomy, artificial respiration at the tracheotomy site and a transfusion of lamb's blood," the New York Post quoted Lone Pine, John Hafnor and Dale Crawford as having written in the book.
The Welsh language movement certainly displays passion and commitment but is only being kept in a healthy condition by a liberal and expensive programme of artificial respiration that could be better used to breathe much needed new energy into the more essential organs of the body politic of Wales.
A fully-equipped military Super Puma helicopter took him to the best possible hospital in Athens and even in flight every possible method of artificial respiration was tried to resuscitate him.
Artificial Respiration, 1994), his first novel, was also his first work translated into English.
Although requiring artificial respiration at first, he has since been taken off the ventilator.
She said she put the baby's body in the trash only after trying unsuccessfully to administer artificial respiration to the newborn.
Applications include products for orthopedic applications and prostheses, disposable syringe and dialyzer seals, medical tubing for artificial respiration equipment, stoppers for injection fluid bottles, anesthetic face masks and catheter bags, as well as gels for coating wound dressings.
It noted that the Vatican-City-State does not use neurologic criteria to certify death and that the idea that a person ceases to exist when the brain no longer functions, while the body, thanks to artificial respiration, is kept alive, implies identification of the person with brain activity alone .
The officer succeeded in getting the man out of the house and administered artificial respiration until he was taken to hospital where, unfortunately, he was found to be dead.
she was unconscious, I'm positive of that, and on artificial respiration.
After towing the unconscious woman back to the pier, Feaser began artificial respiration.
If a foal is not breathing at all, clear the nasal passages with a suction bulb, if you have one, and give artificial respiration (see sidebar on page 51).
They encouraged research into respiratory care, and later produced the first comprehensive, science-based "how-to" book: Clinical Practice and Physiology of Artificial Respiration.