artificial respiration

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We are not yet at a stage where we would call it critical, but we must take into consideration that we are taking about a patient who is lying in intensive care and is on artificial respiration.
French media said Bianchi remained critical and was under artificial respiration, contrary to reports on Sunday evening that suggested he was breathing unassisted after surgery.
He said lab tests confirmed that the patient had been infected with the MERS-CoV strain and he had been on an artificial respiration device at an Amman hospital since Saturday.
It slew them despite all the artificial respiration to the contrary.
On the regulation of intrabronchial pressure and anesthesia in artificial respiration by insufflation.
Running from 10am to midday on both days, they will feature how to apply hands-only Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), a technique that involves chest compression without artificial respiration, which is the method of choice for untrained rescuers.
One of our crowd began artificial respiration immediately when the manager of the pool plus two lifesavers rushed in, pushed everyone away, including the young fellow doing AR, and bundled the victim into the nearby pool office.
Mubarak, 84, was given artificial respiration five times in recent hours and doctors treating him have recommended he be transferred to a military or other large hospital, news agency MENA said, citing unnamed officials.
The course covered artificial respiration and emergency treatment of fractures.
Near exhaustion, it occurs to me that I'm so busy jumping in, pulling them to shore, and applying artificial respiration that I have no time to see who is upstream pushing them all in.
The children are only able to move in a wheelchair and need continuous artificial respiration.
The equipment included sonogram, oxygen conditioner, recovery bags, surgery and stitching devices, an electrocardiograph, a radiography unit, suction device, an electric shocker, drug shelves and containers, artificial respiration pipes, CPR kits and hospital beds.
For asphyxiation, you must apply artificial respiration until the patient is dead.
Those suffering from chronic bronchial asthma are vulnerable to complications and they may develop "a respiratory failure of the second degree, which means the patient will need oxygen or sometimes artificial respiration," according to the professor.