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Synonyms for artificial

Synonyms for artificial

made by human beings instead of nature

made to imitate something else

not genuine or sincere

artificially genteel

marked by unnaturalness, pretension, and often a slavish love of fads

Synonyms for artificial

contrived by art rather than nature



artificially formal

not arising from natural growth or characterized by vital processes

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Effects of restricted suckling versus artificial rearing on performance and fertility of crossbred F1 (Holstein-Friesian x Local) cows and calves in Vietnam.
However, these has been little study of the optimum frequently and amount of milk which should be provided in situations of artificial rearing.
He said an Environment Agency Wales hatchery specialist claimed recently that artificial rearing boosts nature's salmon productivity by 10% to 15%.
Visiting scientists were allowed to follow whatever studies they wished, although the Bureau of Fisheries personnel were concerned principally with the fishes collected by the Research Vessel Fish Hawk and the artificial rearing of oysters, clams, sponges, and algae.
Artificial rearing of entomophagous insects, with emphasis on nutrition and parasitoids--general outlines from personal experience.
This latter procedure is commonly used in small-scale rearing programs (for basic or applied research) with the objective of maintaining genetic variability in the populations and reduce the harmful effects of artificial rearing, but it can also be used to restore mating competitiveness in Sterile Insect Programs (Rull & Barreda-Landa 2007).
Artificial rearing of salmon and sewin in hatcheries is thought in some circles to be a panacea for enhancement of declining stocks.
The second trial compared beetles reared from naturally infested logs in the laboratory, as described above, to those reared on artificial media and recovered from the culture tubes to determine if artificial rearing affected performance.
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