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a metal or plastic part that is surgically implanted to replace a natural joint (possibly elbow or wrist but usually hip or knee)

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Nasar's experience as a mechanical engineer gives him an intimate knowledge of the design and function of artificial joint prostheses allowing him to select the most appropriate device for each patient.
QUALITY OF LIFE: Artificial joints are improving the quality of life for people with arthritis, so more people are wanting help.
The bones are covered with closely-fitting implants that cover the worn cartilage to form an artificial joint.
It will be used for patients under 60 or elderly active patients who will put so much demand on the artificial joint.
Dubin has been a regular attendee at the AMAA Sports Medicine Symposium at Boston and this past April joined the faculty to present on "Athletes with Limitations," a talk focusing on the long distance runner with artificial joint replacement or other limitations that affect performance abilities.
Applied Digital Solutions says its Ver Chip can store information about a patient's pacemaker, defibrillator, of artificial joint.
The researchers performed the transplants last December, and the two women did not develop any infections and were able to walk normally after two weeks, just half the usual recovery period for an artificial joint transplant.
The most common later complication of hip replacement surgery is an inflammatory reaction to tiny particles that gradually wear off of the artificial joint surfaces and are absorbed by the surrounding tissues.
If an artificial joint is attached properly it will stay functioning for a longer number of years and require less revision.
Over half a million patients receive artificial joint replacements annually, and practically all the replacements consist of a sliding pair represented by a polymer (UHMWPE) and a hard counterface (metal or ceramic).
The diseased knee is cut out and replaced with an artificial joint that should last 15 to 20 years.
and the artificial joint implanted to replace the worn-out one may itself need to be replaced after a decade.
The report provides a detailed analysis of orthopedic products such as artificial joint implants, arthroscopy devices, fracture repair devices, prosthesis and orthobiologics.
Artifacts are reduced to the degree that they are barely noticeable, a factor that is particularly relevant in total hip arthroplasty where reducing the presence of artifacts allows clearer depiction of trabecula (fine folds) inside the bone at points of contact with the artificial joint.
Surgeons can then make sure they are fitting the artificial joint in exactly the right place.
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