artificial intelligence

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the branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively

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Musio is equipped with an artificial intelligence engine called Muse that helps it to collect language and visual data and process user information during conversations, perfecting its communication capacity.
The threat of artificial intelligence replacing manpower has become more real.
AI was founded in 1979 as a world-leading association on Artificial Intelligence.
Through this new artificial intelligence, we achieve high quality color matches more than 90% of the time, versus the current industry standard of approximately 50%.
I'm skeptical of people who are skeptical" of AI research, says Rodney Brooks, who directs the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's artificial intelligence laboratory.
Artificial Intelligence explores the fine line between robots and humans.
But the perception that artificial intelligence would replace human functions left the industry disillusioned when the miracle application failed to materialize.
While artificial intelligence is a vast field with many different types of implementation and uses, it is possible to generalize four major areas of artificial intelligence.
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Award was given to Swarthmore College for demonstrating the most AI functionality.
Scientists in the field of artificial intelligence hope so.
Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer to perform activities normally thought to require intelligence, NL/NL was reminded by Alan Henderson, NewsRx director of business development and technology.
Artificial Intelligence,'' they share a universe in common as filmmakers.
Watson's debut marks a coming of age for Virtual Agent technology, and for Artificial Intelligence in general.
Artificial intelligence in education; building technology rich learning contexts that work.
Biologically inspired artificial intelligence for computer games.
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