artificial insemination

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the introduction of semen into the oviduct or uterus by some means other than sexual intercourse


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Total quantity or scope: Simulator transrectal examination, diagnosis of bovine artificial insemination and gestation - 1 pc;
The curriculum for Women Livestock Extension Workers (WLEWs), Artificial Insemination Technicians (AITs) and Farmers one-day and seven-day and one month training will be developed, revised and modified by DRDF in consultation with designated faculty members at UVAS.
Some sheep breeds are not of high quality in terms of productivity or taste, therefore artificial insemination can create good quality offspring," he said.
Syed Bashir Ahmad Shah and Field Assistant from GDP Jamal Abdul Nasir, also spoke on the occasion, and stressed upon the participants to fully concentrate on the training and should apply treatment methodology regarding artificial insemination of animals, to prevent the growing infertility ratio in D.
The first chick to hatch was called 'Neumann,' named after veterinarian Daniel Neumann, from Parrot Reproduction Consulting, the executor of the first successful artificial insemination in Spix.
He announced that USAID and the Dairy and Rural Development Foundation will continue to train more artificial insemination technicians from South Punjab who would help small dairy farmers to improve their cattle.
Some of the top breeders have defended both artificial insemination and the more recent use of embryo-transfer technology to achieve desired pedigree in purebred Arabian race horses but called for using the latter technique in moderation.
The unnamed inmate has been given permission by the Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke to have a child by artificial insemination, according to the Daily Mail.
Mr Clarke insisted he had not personally seen or authorised the artificial insemination request amid criticism from 10 Downing Street of the way it had been handled.
JOHN MESSARA, one of the leading bloodstock figures in Australia, has spoken out against the "detrimental" potential effects of Artificial Insemination in advance of a high-profile court case that will consider whether AI should be allowed.
Tang attributed this year's record number of births to better research on panda nutrition, artificial insemination, genetics and creating a more natural habitat for the pandas to thrive in.
May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Spurred by recent research, northern California fertility specialists are edging away from traditional infertility treatment - artificial insemination - saying newer IVF technology costs less and works better in the long run, saving many patients time, money, and heartache.
Artificial insemination is already illegal in Turkey and doctors offering fertility treatment have to make that clear in their advertising, but women have until now been able to go overseas to seek sperm donors.
Artificial insemination was already illegal in Turkey; now it's also a crime for Turkish women to become pregnant abroad via artificial insemination.
He could be free on parole in 10 years and plans to apply to become a dad by artificial insemination.
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