artificial horizon

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a navigational instrument based on a gyroscope

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This can happen in a violent storm which throws the plane around, for example, because the artificial horizon can easily be misread.
Studying Afro-Brazilian dance, she became fascinated by its polyrhythms and movement vocabulary, which led to works like Incorrect Translations (1982), for which she formed Jane Comfort and Company, and Artificial Horizon (1983).
Standing in a long barrow ditch and watching a star appear or disappear over the ridge of the mound, or over the ridge of the roof of the earlier mortuary structure, is an ingenious device to overcome the high extinction angle of even bright stars (they are not bright enough to remain visible right down to a low horizon), but the distance from eye to artificial horizon is not going to be more than about 12 m (figure 24).
All four firms were successful in their own individual field of specialization, even more so if one considers that Sfena holds 98 (yes, ninety-eight) percent of the world market for stand-by artificial horizon indicators.
Instruments available for spatial orientation by 1932 included the inclinometer, turn indicator, climb indicator, air speed indicator, spinning top, Sperry Artificial Horizon, Sperry Directional Gyro, the pitch-azimuth indicator, the flight integrator (described below), and the Air-I-Zon (an early version of angle-of-attack).
In fact, this artificial horizon reproduces the effects of the sun in transit above the Venetian Mediterranean, but a condensed version: Within fifteen minutes, every viewer can experience the rich range of color and varying degrees of brightness of light on a single day, from sunrise to sunset.
For 15 minutes that was the most worried I'd been, but I was sharp enough to keep an artificial horizon and got back to Biggin Hill - more by luck really.
Plus, are we talking about the visible horizon, the rational horizon, the artificial horizon, the mental horizon, or the horizontal bar to plain speaking.
The crew had reported problems with the artificial horizon and requested permission to return to Leeds-Bradford Airport, an inquest in Leeds was told.