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He believes both species are surviving because of the artificial feeding and other measures of the local Forestry Agency units.
The general experimental framework of artificial feeding is shown in Figure 1.
Artificial feeding stations (similar to those described by Brown 1971) were utilized to observe possible interspecific and intraspecific interactions.
Regarding the new Vatican rules on artificial feeding (NCR, Oct.
Artificial feeding and hydration does not need to be continued, the Vatican commentary said, when the patient can no longer assimilate foods and liquids, so their provision becomes useless; when a feeding tube causes significant physical discomfort or leads to other medical problems; or in remote or impoverished places where feeding tubes are not available.
The questions he asked, however, echo those of many facing difficult decisions about end-of-life care: "What is natural about a body kept biologically functional with the help of artificial respirators, artificial feeding, artificial hydration, artificial intestinal emptying, of death artificially postponed?
A study of 10 clinical pathology values in 4 groups of Andean flamingo chicks (Phoenicoparrus andinus) was conducted to evaluate an artificial feeding program in Chile.
The former care worker died on August 9, 2003, after a judge gave permission for Bradford Royal Infirmary to end artificial feeding.
The official publication of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, the title will publish papers, reviews and clinical case studies covering a range of topics related to the title's name, including the benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and infant, the health consequences of artificial feeding, breastfeeding management in health and disease, the management of common and uncommon problems, the use of medications while breastfeeding, and a variety of other social, cultural and economic issues.
Jackson's cancer was incurable, but with artificial feeding he could be expected to live four to six months.
Human breast milk offers the optimal nutrition for all infants and provides immunological, developmental, psychological, economic, and practical advantages when compared to artificial feeding.
He told Mr Justice Munby, sitting in London, it might allow doctors to decide some time in the future, despite Mr Burke's wishes, to withhold artificial feeding and hydration when his condition inevitably deteriorated.
The family have also set up a support group called PINNT for kids and adults on artificial feeding.
According to the researchers, this may be due to the expense of infant formula supplies, the enormous effort involved in obtaining fuel to boil water for formula preparation, or the stigma of suspected HIV-positive status associated with artificial feeding.