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Synonyms for artificial

Synonyms for artificial

made by human beings instead of nature

made to imitate something else

not genuine or sincere

artificially genteel

marked by unnaturalness, pretension, and often a slavish love of fads

Synonyms for artificial

contrived by art rather than nature



artificially formal

not arising from natural growth or characterized by vital processes

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After attending that meeting and listening to the officers, I became more interested in the cooperative and was later elected to the board of directors of South Hartford County, a local district of the statewide co-op: Connecticut Artificial Breeding Association (CABA).
Clean Seas, meanwhile, is said to be the first organization in the world to create an artificial breeding regime for southern bluefin tuna.
Three ibises presented by China to Japan have helped in the artificial breeding of the internationally protected bird and currently there are over 100 accounted for in Japan, the emperor said.
This method uses an artificial breeding programme along with an education programme designed to reduce feeding.
In 2002 and 2004, the USFS created artificial breeding pools within the frog's habitat.
A 7oz panda cub was also born yesterday in another centre in Sichuan, and it became the heaviest cub in the history of China's artificial breeding programme, the report said.
Under the artificial breeding conditions, the incubation of the fertilized eggs of H.
The artificial breeding procedure is illegal here but allowed in the North and Britain.
Unlike the threat posed by simian retroviruses, which may respond to local actions to reduce bushmeat contact, multiple ecosystem interventions are suggested for dengue control that operate at numerous, often overlapping levels: locally, to remove artificial breeding habitats for the Aedes mosquito vectors that are provided by containers (Knudsen 1995; Moore et al.
A fisheries research center in Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan, said Friday it has succeeded in full-cycle artificial breeding of the endangered bluefin tuna.
Incubators - special facilities which allow artificial breeding of poultry stock from eggs.
He further said that attention should also be paid to the artificial breeding of such fish varieties which were ignored in the past.