artificial blood

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a liquid that can carry large amounts of oxygen and can serve as a temporary substitute for blood

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The artificial blood could be transfused into patients in a clinical trial setting as early as 2016.
In addition to having potential applications in the stabilization of vaccines and development of inexpensive artificial blood, the stabilizing polymer also allows vaccines and other biomedical products to be stored for longer periods without refrigeration.
Another problem associated with artificial blood pumps is thrombosis.
He proposes a device with an artificial blood vessel and other cellular components to study the spread of cancer.
Claire and Angharad - director and marketing director of Cardiff-based bloodymarvellous, a firm supplying the film, television, theatre and medical industries with a range of artificial blood products - have worked on films including Pirates of the Caribbean, Ironclad and CaptainAmerica and television shows such as Doctor Who, Casualty and Torchwood.
AstonUniversity: Aston University researchers showcase safer and improved artificial blood pumps at the Houses of Parliament.
ARTIFICIAL blood created from stem cells could soon be tested on Britons.
Chemistry and biochemistry of oxygen therapeutics; from transfusion to artificial blood.
Prof Reinhard Niessner's team used an isolated rodent heart flushed with artificial blood to test for effects on heart function.
It was reported recently that artificial blood has been synthesised in a laboratory and is awaiting Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.
Artificial blood can be used in place of regular blood to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body.
Dialysis was sausage casing, vascular graft--that's artificial blood vessel--was a surgeon in Texas going to a clothes store to see what he could sew well with.
No artificial blood pump currently exists that can provide the necessary low-pressure support in the four-way flow system that is constructed surgically in patients with single ventricle heart disease to reach a final circulation known as Fontan circulation.
A scientist developing artificial blood in a vampire-ruled future becomes mixed up with a human revolutionary movement in this sci-fi thriller.