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a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another

the passages through which air enters and leaves the body

a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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The controversy exists as to the criteria and timing to establish artificial airway for the adult patients with AE.
The function of the anaesthesiologist was to insert an oral/nasal artificial airway, place a shoulder roll, or tape the chin to manage airway obstruction.
Emily underwent the emergency tracheostomy, an artificial airway provided through a 3mm surgical opening in the front of her windpipe.
Clinical practice standards for endotracheal tube removal include attentive post extubation monitoring, prompt identification of respiratory distress, maintenance of a patent airway and, if clinically indicated, attempts to successfully establish an artificial airway by reintubation or in rare situations, surgical technique (AARC 2007) .
The use of an oral artificial airway instead of the nasal type is recommended because nasal intubations increases the risk of developing nosocomial sinusitis thus will further increasing the development of VAP (Pruitt & Jacobs, 2006).
PIONEER: Claudia Castillo who has an artificial airway which was created from stem cells to save her left lung in a landmark operation that could change the face of transplant surgery; COMPLEX STEPS: Claudia Castillo during the operation
AN artificial airway created from stem cells has been used to save a woman's left lung in a landmark operation that could change the face of transplant surgery.
What is the position and integrity of the artificial airway, lines, tubes attached to the patient?
He was treated at pitchside and then rushed to hospital where an emergency tracheotomy was performed --a hole was cut in his throat and an artificial airway inserted --because of concern about the swelling in his throat.
The endotracheal (ET) tube is a transparent plastic device that provides an artificial airway during the delivery of anesthesia.
Mrs Matthews said she felt that an operation to create an artificial airway into Luke's windpipe, should have been carried out much sooner.
Many people who elect ventilator dependence via an artificial airway experience both increased survival and, on the whole, a satisfactory quality of life.
Until recently, options for mechanical ventilation for children with chronic respiratory problems included negative pressure ventilation or positive pressure ventilation through an artificial airway (Padman, Lawless, & Von Nesson, 1994) (see Figure 1).
Oh yes: make certain you are dealing with the inflammation of anaphylaxis, and not an airway obstruction since the artificial airway will complicate everything.