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Synonyms for artificial

Synonyms for artificial

made by human beings instead of nature

made to imitate something else

not genuine or sincere

artificially genteel

marked by unnaturalness, pretension, and often a slavish love of fads

Synonyms for artificial

contrived by art rather than nature



artificially formal

not arising from natural growth or characterized by vital processes

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In 1943, at Kampen Hospital, Kolff built the first artificial kidney from wooden slats, a sausage casing, a gear pump and a porcelain bathtub.
Moreover, the artificial corneas responded to chemicals much as corneas of live rabbits or donor human corneas do.
A shopkeeper Naeem Hassan said, 'The core factor behind the rise of artificial jewellery is reduction in the purchasing-power of the customers, who cannot afford to buy gold.
As women love to wear jewellery so they prefer to wear artificial jewellery as prices of gold and diamond jewellery is out of reach for middle or lower class women.
By then, the alliance will promote the transformation and upgrading of China's petroleum and chemical industry through effective cooperation and exchange mechanism, promote artificial intelligence technology in the petroleum and chemical industry, popularize artificial intelligence knowledge and innovate artificial intelligence service.
Artificial seeds have a wide range of applications in agriculture.
Rebekah McCune, owner and designer of Blacksburg, VA-based Blaithin Blair Boxwood Wreaths, says it was initially a challenge to find realistic-looking artificial boxwood materials to use for her online Etsy store.
Alaa Hussein Bahri to tell us about her experience with artificial eyes, and why she chose this particular area.
Artificial jewellery is becoming more attractive for women as it is inexpensive with variety of designs and colours.
6:05, stumbles groggily into the bathroom and shaves his face with foamy shaving cream (artificial soap) and cleans his teeth with an electric toothbrush with artificial bristles.
The questions he asked, however, echo those of many facing difficult decisions about end-of-life care: "What is natural about a body kept biologically functional with the help of artificial respirators, artificial feeding, artificial hydration, artificial intestinal emptying, of death artificially postponed?
Many people who have artificial arms or legs find these devices clumsy and difficult to operate.
The latest generation of artificial olfactory and gustatory systems uses a variety of binding interactions to produce optical cues, such as changes in color or fluorescence, some of which can be seen with the naked eye.