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of or relating to artifacts


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Additional participants were excluded because their RSA values were artifactually elevated (see "RSA Estimation" section, next page).
Artifactually low glycated haemoglobin in a patient with severe hypertriglyceridaemia.
In the final chapter, Rescher insists again that "our only cognitive access to reality comes via a model that we make of reality to serve as its artifactually thought-contrived surrogate" (p.
Scores on a HAQ may actually be elevated artifactually in many individuals if a device such as a jar opener is used, as use of such a device would render a HAQ score abnormal when no real disability exists.
By increasing the total count (ai) for FIN, they artifactually increase the distances [d.
Conceivably, the same referral and admission biases that artifactually inflate rates of comorbidity (Nottelmann & Jensen, 1995) also moderate relationships between comorbidity and individual dysfunction.
Thus, a high rate of CVD may artifactually lower the CRC incidence rates, particularly in areas of lower screening where cases may go undetected.
The science of library conservation permits sound methods to preserve these artifactually valuable attributes.
It is conceivable that a mildly elevated WBC count could be artifactually lowered if the leukocytes may have lysed when counting was delayed.
If the subject attends to stimuli different from those intended by the experimenter, then it is likely that relational-learning test scores will be artifactually suppressed (cf.
Thus, popular collecting localities are artifactually more species rich
The authors concluded that this argues against the notion that NT-proBNP is artifactually elevated by impaired GFR.
Limiting numbers of templates can cause damaged templates to become artifactually overrepresented as a substantial fraction of the sequencing reads.
53,54) It is important to distinguish underdistended bowel, which appears artifactually thickened, from truly thickened bowel.