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of or relating to artifacts


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As consumption of NADH ultimately is what is measured to calculate [HC0.sub.3.sup.-] with this methodology, any reaction that consumes NADH occurring within the sample will artifactually increase the reported HC[O.sub.3.sup.-].
Because T3 is often a peripheral product, however, nonthyroid illnesses and medications can cause artifactually abnormal results.
Furthermore, the composition of the MO and MS scores means that they will artificially constrain each other such that as scores on one scale increase in absolute magnitude (i.e., higher or lower), scores on the other scale are artifactually constrained to be in the middle range.
Both the attenuation-corrected and non attenuation-corrected FDG PET images were reviewed in order to exclude artifactually increased uptake related to attenuation correction of high-attenuation tissue.
Other likely contributors to the diminished ORs in users are prodromal symptoms such as headaches and impaired cognition, which may have prevented recent initiation of mobile phone use among subjects with as yet undiagnosed brain tumors, 'lhus, some cases who would otherwise have become short-term users may have remained nonusers, leading to artifactually reduced ORs for brain tumor in phone users, especially short-term users (and low cumulative users, because short-term use will tend to result in low cumulative use).
"The increased use of highly sensitive cardiac biomarkers, particularly troponin, over time might also have contributed to both an artifactually higher incidence of myocardial infarction and a lower level of severity among diagnosed cases."
At least one experimenter, the late John Beloff, as an extreme example, had done so many experiments with chance results that many of us teased him that he was "psi-icidal"; he must be somehow suppressing psi among his subjects, for he ought to have had at least a few artifactually significant results by chance alone in all the studies he'd done!
Because of the small number of superdiffusers, this effect is artifactually attenuated substantially due to range restriction in the dichotomous superdiffuser status variable (Hunter & Schmidt, 2004), and correcting it for the value that would be expected given an equal split yields an exceptionally large correlation, r' = .91.
Laboratory data, however, should be less affect ed, and extra testing in response to the heightened awareness of influenza activity might have artifactually lowered the positivity rate.
The bias in the sample, that patients not followed up in the one-month survey were more likely to have public assistance for medical coverage and to be male and African American, may artifactually raise our estimation of patient's ratings of their attending physicians' communication behaviors, given that the last two characteristics are associated with lower ratings of physician communication behaviors (Hall, Elliott, and Stiles 1993).
Additional participants were excluded because their RSA values were artifactually elevated (see "RSA Estimation" section, next page).
Artifactually low glycated haemoglobin in a patient with severe hypertriglyceridaemia.
The correlations are probably artifactually high (0.97), because the errors of measurement of 16% for training distance and 11% for training speed are probably too large for a "commercial accelerometer" (which one of the many?) to be useful to monitor swim training [2121].