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of or relating to artifacts


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Artifactual hyperbilirubinemia due to paraprotein interference.
Chapters consist of methods in discourse analysis (microethnographic, critical, temporal, mediated, and visual discourse analysis and multimodal interaction analysis); arts-based and autoethnographic research (autoethnography, dramatic inquiry, poetic inquiry, a/r/tography, artifactual literacies, and geosemiotics), and analysis of digital technologies, gaming, and web-based research, including cyber-ethnography and multi-method approaches, methods for studying literacies and communities in social media, and analyzing digital texts as literacy artifacts.
White's Here is New York (1949, New York: The Little Bookroom, 1999), which is the source text for Whitehead's collection, does not incorporate shifts in perspective within the structure of the cityscape, but resorts to a static point of view by a narrator sitting in a New York hotel room reporting a city that he experiences as artifactual rather than personal.
A second issue may arise if there is any potential for primers to anneal to one another, again leading to artifactual "primer dimer" products.
Joseph Margolis maintains that while Dewey failed properly to explain the connection between our biological capacities and our capacity for the production and appreciation of art, his work all but suggests the right account, one according to which selves and artworks are artifactual and ontologically sui generis.
They are particularly valuable for detecting subtle invasion of fat by a few cells that may not be readily apparent on hematoxylin-eosin (H&E) staining (Figure 5); however, care should be taken that the invading" cells are really in the tissue because occasionally artifactual "carry" can mimic invasion (Figure 6).
In the cases of [e] and [i], the formant extraction algorithm has produced one or more artifactual formants.
Central to the thesis of this work is the assumption that previous studies have failed to engage fully both the biblical Hebrew textual evidence and the ancient Near Eastern archaeological and textual evidence in a manner that does justice to both the biblical text and to the artifactual evidence.
Rather, this purported adverse property may be artifactual and potentially attributable to the use of PPIs in individuals with more serious systemic diseases," said Dr.
Suppose we take it that what makes a kind artifactual is that particulars of that kind have to be made from an activity deriving from, or explained in terms of, the intentions or aims of rational agents.
It is important to understand these concepts so we don't respond to artifactual events that we induced and so we understand the normal response to apneas.
Ascertainment of secondary cases in Scotland, which appeared to have a greater role in our study than may have been commonly assumed previously, may however be particularly affected by artifactual influences, such as more assiduous contact tracing resulting from heightened awareness, perhaps triggered by a combination of large outbreaks, a national task force, and enhanced surveillance (7,8).
Metabolic, nutritional, Iatrogenic, and artifactual sources of urinary organic acids: a comprehensive table.
Martin also asserts that the artifactual assemblage excavated from Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, "in combination with local store records, enables a unique two-tiered level of analysis of slave possessions" (185) but cites only a 1997 conference paper for the Poplar Forest artifacts.
Consequently, results of hematological determinations of improperly stored or handled blood samples can yield misleading results (6, 7 8 9 10) Butarrello (10) and Goosens (11) in their studies concluded that refrigeration of human blood samples is recommended to stabilize blood and minimize artifactual changes.