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This study's methodology includes three iterative cycles of design-evaluation that emphasizes on the design and evaluation of IT artifact with high priority on relevance in the application domain.
Cautery artifact interfered with accurate staging in 7/119 (6%) of cases.
We present an ultrasound artifact that we call the rain artifact that has not been previously described in the literature.
This filter reduces the ringing artifact without blurring and could not effectively eliminate the overshoots in and around edges.
Where Artifact differs from existing platforms is in the scope of the possible content.
Conservation and preservation of historical and cultural artifacts are very important.
But questions about the artifact aren't just raised by Rohani's opponents.
I think the high degree of social concern and emotional distress suffered by the young women represented in this artifact is best described through first-hand accounts.
The artifact was confiscated by Syrian authorities while it was being smuggled from Iraq to Syria," SANA said in a statement on its Web site.
This artifact, which was common in the past, occurs less often with newer equipment.
Fulfillment of purpose or adaptation to a goal involves a relation among three terms: the purpose or goal, the character of the artifact, and the environment in which the artifact performs.
Artifact counts were generated and recorded by individual fieldwalkers, so we were able to obtain sub-DU data about the quantities of broad artifact types.
All Army museums are required by regulations to photographically document their artifact collections either on film or digitally.
Young thieves Rail and Moa are in serious trouble when they steal a mysterious artifact created by a more advanced past civilization, a device that has the ability to open any door.
In this methodological framework, the technical artifact is considered part of the user experience within a context.