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The department has so far completed digitalization of around 3500 artifacts while rest of the artifacts will be digitized before end of this year, Director Archeology, DoAM, Abdul Azeem revealed while talking to APP.
Almost anything is an artifact. Take shoes, for example.
The sources in the newly-feed regions in Dara'a regretted that the terrorists damaged historical sites in Tal al-Asha'ari region West of the town of Tafas overlooking Wadi al-Yarmouk and plundered valuable artifacts.
where [??] is the corrected mixing matrix, whose columns, which represent artifact components, contain elements that are set to zero.
The main objective of this research is to conduct the design-evaluation of an innovative web 2.0 based collaborative learning artifact in IIUM for improving the existing solution of problems (integration of ICT to collaborative learning) and enhancing the opportunities.
Rizal has become an archaeological landmark since the discovery there of ancient tools and animal fossils, including bone artifacts, that many believe date back to more than 800,000 years.
Cautery artifact interfered with accurate staging in 7/119 (6%) of cases.
We present an ultrasound artifact that we call the rain artifact that has not been previously described in the literature.
The Architecture of the proposed ringing artifact reduction technique is presented in Section 2.
Artifact is an iOS and Android app that allows Augmented Reality content to be distributed over the internet to your device.
In Section 2, we present the proposed approach for EOG artifact correction in detail.
US Customs officials seized the artifact from a Lebanese-American antiquities dealer who was attempting to smuggle it into the United States in 2000.
ISLAMABAD -- The French government has handed over to the Embassy of Pakistan in Paris, a total of 486 archaeological artifacts which were smuggled from Pakistan.
Islamabad -- France has returned back all smuggled precious and historical artifacts to Pakistan.