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To reduce the blocking artifact, LF components are smoothened in the adjacent LF blocks and invalid HF components are discarded.
As well as making this ambitious high-end interactive content possible, Artifact works alongside a CMS so that agencies and businesses can create their own template driven content.
Muscarella, 82, who excavated in Iran in the 1960s, estimated that the artifact was not more than 14 years old.
He added that the Italian ambassador in Baghdad recently informed him that the Italian government will be returning 38 smuggled artifacts that were confiscated in Italy.
The normal appearance of the complexes in lead II is a result of the cancellation of artifacts and not because of a transient return to normal rhythm.
In product design, the critiqued social artifacts come from particular "cultural" domain experts.
Agents use coordination artifacts by executing operations provided by the artifact, and by eventually perceiving information about the operation completion.
We recommend that when rhythmic waves unrelated to eye movements are recorded during ENG, artifact of cardiovascular origin should be ruled out, and ECG and direct observation of the eyes should be performed.
Mark Wesker, president and CEO of Artifact Software commented that, "Software development is a team effort.
The artifacts lost and destroyed at the museum are irreplaceable as well.
Reportedly stealing cultural relics over 12 successive years, Li Haitao initially used fake artifacts to replace the ones he stole from a series of temples in Chengde, a city in northern Hebei Province that was the imperial summer resort of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
Sometimes attention is focused so intently on the technical requirements needed to produce and store viable images that ensuring competent care and secure housing for the artifact is given inadequate consideration.
With this tunable source, a test instrument can be rapidly calibrated against a variety of different source distributions tailored to the anticipated uses of the artifact.
Converting every artifact represented in every arbitrarily complex, executable format would be extremely labor-intensive and may not even be possible across paradigm shifts.