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Synonyms for arty

pretentiously artistic

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showily imitative of art or artists

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MIDOMA is committed to being an alternative exhibition space for find artiest and prides themselves on showcasing works from both up and coming as well as established artiest.
However three South Sudan musicians were brought to perform in the event including female artiest Nyankol Mathiang, David Pacong Mading and Marial Awuok Til.
Still, White has thrived in that environment (and starred in some of the artiest music videos ever made).
A spy told us: "Blake 2 is the artiest of the bunch and has been instructing them.
Hence, the most generous corporate hierarch ended up with the artiest executive corps.
Before Motown, most of the black artiest who recorded rhythm and blues music during the 1950s were older.
case, I Am Cuba is destined to be this year's artiest roller-coaster ride (opening March 8 at Film Forum in New York).
Our current leaders may feel at home before congressional panels; they may create four associate artiest jobs were once there were three.
If we allow the voice of the independent artiest to be stifled we should expect nothing less than extreme repercussions for freedom of informationO and freedom in general.
There were also times when the rest of the network didn't appear remotely bothered that it was screening a sporting jewel the BBC would have lavished its artiest montages on.
Iratest striate artiste attires tastier artiest ratites
Punch-Drunk's high/low high jinks are immediately apparent, pairing Hollywood's lowbrow cash cow Sandler with Lars von Trier alumna Emily Watson and mingling a nonprofessional supporting cast with the artiest mise-en-scene of Anderson's career, including abstract digital animation sequences by New York-based artist Jeremy Blake.
Predictably, film's stately rhythm and refusal to approach anything resembling a story will relegate it to latenight pubcaster slots and brief runs at the artiest cinemas in town.
Movie is the artiest of Beijing-based Imar Films' five to date, repping a leap from its debut production, Zhang's "Spicy Love Soup" (1998).
Set among the denizens of an old-style Beijing bathhouse that's due to be demolished, pic is the third and artiest of fledgling Beijing indie Imar Film's slate to date; paradoxically, it could turn out to be its breakthrough title with fests and quality buyers.