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Synonyms for arty



Synonyms for arty

pretentiously artistic

Words related to arty

showily imitative of art or artists

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Artier suggestions might include a symbol of one of the television programmes created here such as Tiswas or Crossroads.
Here's the first issue of a lad mag (lad 'zine ?) on the artier side with a clean look that runs the gams gamut from voyeuristic to studio shoot.
Yep, that's how the album's spelt and you can't get much artier than that.
An exhibition of mosaic creations by artist Faiza Saeed is being held at La artier, Seef Mall.
(145.) Artier, 3:169-170; Chambers, The Elizabethan Stage, 3: 485.
The unexpected success of the Suicide Girls franchise attracted a younger audience and a slew of younger, artier photographers and directors to produce the content their audience demanded.
Let D an integral C artier divisor on X with [kappa] (X, D)[greater than or equal to] 0 and let e(D) be the exponent of D, which is by definition the g.c.d.
When it came to artier, less-visible fares, new media hardly made a difference though, not even with commercial flicks like Chan-wook's "Oldboy" Park's "Thirst" which grossed a measly $300,000 in the US.Aa
Summary of relative importance index and rank of client satisfaction factors Owner Consultant Contractor Client satisfaction group RII Rank RII Rank RII Rank Information coordination 0.729 3 0.792 2 0.809 3 between owner and project parties Leadership skills for 0.835 1 0.848 1 0.904 1 project manager Speed and reliability 0.718 4 0.744 3 0.822 2 of service to owner Number of disputes 0.753 2 0.728 4 0.720 4 between owner and project artier Number of reworks 0.635 5 0.712 5 0.627 5 Table 9.
Unlike the artier Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath's sound was forged in the industrial crucible of power hammers.
Some small, artier shops like PictureBox, a Grammy-winning publisher operating at Third and Bond streets, have opened.
The record is front-loaded with the powerful-sounding songs gunning to be heard as radio singles, then drifts off to some artier and/or rustic fare and finishes off with a bit of kitsch.
Nowadays it is shown mainly in college towns and smaller, artier vicinities, although there are annual screenings (often around Halloween) that reliably draw large crowds.
Suzanne, from Kilburn in Artier, stayed in hospital that night waiting for the results of a biopsy.