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of or relating to articulation


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Only then can they be cognizant of those articulatory movements that are unique to singing.
Legs well-developed, with tibio-tarsal articulatory sclerosis, metathoracic legs usually largest; claws without a denticle; claw digit ules, slender, knobbed; tarsal digitules knobbed, slightly longer than claw digitules.
In a pattern of V1CV2, the articulatory gesture for V2 may start during V1.
Similarities between humans and baboons suggest that the vowels of human speech probably evolved from ancient articulatory precursors that were passed on and refined all along the hominid line," study co-author Joel Fagot said.
Following Laclau and Mouffe, we define discourse as a 'structured totality resulting from articulatory practice' (Laclau & Mouffe, 2014, p.
The scholars designed 14 consonant letters according to articulatory phonetics and 10 vowels according to the principles of yin and yang.
Post-foundational developments have sought to expand on the range of agencies that engage in articulatory processes and the spheres in which these political events take place, using articulation to depict how associations and organisations evolve or collapse outside the reach of institutionalised politics.
To overcome this, Santamaria Busto in "Ensenar la competencia fonetica" presents an analysis of the predictable difficulties posed by each Li along with an attempt to overcome them by making use of verb-tonal methodology, of observations of articulatory adjustments and suprasegmental aspects of communicative situations and with the help of attractive digital platforms such as VoiceThread.
The other participants of the final competition were Ayla Haseeb Khan of Karachi Grammar School, who stood second; Sohaib Nashit of Roots Millennium School Islamabad, who scored the third highest marks, followed by in order Ahmed Mustafa of LGS Paragon Lahore, Noorjehan Asim of LGS Defence Lahore and Sherkan Malik of Froebel's International School Brian Heath, Consul General of the USA in Karachi, attended as the chief guest and expressed his appreciation of the participants' maturity of thought and articulatory skills.
Brian Heath, Consul General of the USA, attended as the Chief Guest and expressed his appreciation of the participants' maturity of thought and articulatory skills.
Worth noting is Barreiro-Bilbao's paper on fricatives, which uses the traditional articulatory description as an introduction to the complexity of acoustic cues and their relationship with inter-speaker variation.
Articulatory Phonetics seeks to understand the elements that play the specific, speech-related functional roles.
because it can be closely linked with the psychophysiological demands of sequential articulatory motor control and of decoding the rapidly varying incoming speech signal (Menn y Stoel-Gammon 1995: 352-354).
The main task was accompanied by a secondary task of articulatory suppression, which interferes with the verbal rehearsal of the letters.
Stressed syllable: Stressed syllables are articulated with more articulatory effort in the respiratory system and increase of vocal folds tension.