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of or relating to articulation


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This overactivation in left frontal regions may be a mechanism to compensate for phonologic deficits in left tempoparietal regions through covert or overt articulatory rehearsal in Broca's area.
This textbook, a revision and expansion of A Manual for Articulatory Phonetics, is meant to explain to phonetics students the principles that will help them approach any language and describe and mimic its sounds with accuracy.
It also includes an introductory chapter on the role of phonetics and phonology, and articulatory phonetics.
Given the strong tendency towards monosyllabicity, phonological words are best appreciated along a vertical dimension or axis, with simultaneous articulatory interaction at multiple levels.
The second edition features updated content and clearer organization throughout the text, including expanded discussion of alphabets, writing systems, and English spelling; further discussion of the cognition of written language and reading transfer; additional material on phonemic, vocal, subvocal, and articulatory development; elaboration of graphs and graphemes, and new sections on reading speed, pattern and word recognition; updated information on brain activation studies; and new discussion of reading fluency.
Knowledge of articulatory movements and verbal labels of phonemes are believed to enhance phonological awareness (e.
That inconsistency is explained as due to the articulatory energy of /nd/ being smaller than the energy of /mb/ (Horn 1954:1115).
It still seems to me that the traditional Assyriological triple length doctrine (a, a, a), and even more the quadruple one (a, a, a, a), are based on a philological sensitivity for cuneiform orthography and a vague influence of Semitic comparativism, rather than on a conscious linguistic analysis of articulatory phenomena (such as they can be reconstructed through a careful graphemic analysis).
The strongest section of the book deals with articulatory problems and reading, an area where Eisenson's expertise in speech and hearing gives him an advantage.
The object of the first part of the project is the design and development of a novel musical instrument for excellent vocal synthesis in real-time; the core of the instrument will be an articulatory vocal synthesizer, composed by three parallel algorithms for physical modeling synthesis based on an unprecedented joint bio-mechanical and acoustic simulation of the human upper airways.
The prosodic structure of speech in general is determined by two components, one of which is subject to conscious speaker control, while the other is determined by physiological constraints of the human articulatory system.
Under a more restricted notion of language in the sense of "narrow syntax", they can be accounted for interactively, namely in terms of interface conditions imposing modality-specific constraints of the perceptual and articulatory systems on the representational language system.
Among their topics are phonetically-driven epenthesis asymmetries in French and Spanish obstruent-liquid clusters, Romanian diphthongs as a case of complex nuclei in articulatory phonology, and perseverative phonetic effects in bilingual code-switching.
Clinical observations of AOS can include difficulty in articulatory (e.
Nowadays, we mostly read poetry silently to ourselves, but each reading is still a performance in the sense that it has a real duration, moving through time at roughly the speed of speech, and that our articulatory system undertakes an internal pronunciation of each word, line, sentence, and so on, while our auditory system is simultaneously at work perceiving them.