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Maintain a consistent flow of vocalized tone and avoid pressed contact between the articulators.
Disparity between patient's rotational axis of the mandible and the arc of closure on an articulator has been reported to produce occlusal discrepancies.
A fourth fact is related to the expression of the function of inter-clausal articulator for substantive clauses, expressed by the relative pronoun (RP) in free relatives (without antecedent) in L, often corresponding to demonstrative with relative in Romance translations.
Another point of view is that a wider contact area between active and passive articulators yields a big VOT (Lisker and Abramson 1964).
According to Shodadai et al, the difficulty in finding differences is due to a combination of factors: a change in vertical dimension due to occlusal bite registration; poor evidence of a pure condylar rotation, and the existence of an axis of rotation of the condylar hinge at mandibular opening; unpredictable and variable condyle movements at mandibular opening; use of a fixed hinge rotation axis at the articulators, and the presence of temporomandibular pain.
These properties may reflect cortical strategies to greatly simplify the complex coordination of articulators in fluent speech," said Kristofer Bouchard, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the Chang lab who was the first author on the paper.
The neurological basis of speech motor control has remained unknown until now because scientists cannot study speech mechanisms in animals and because non-invasive imaging methods lack the ability to resolve the very rapid time course of articulator movements, which change in hundredths of seconds.
Children need to develop skills related to hearing, such as phonemic discrimination, and skills related to orofacial muscles for an adequate movement of the articulators during speech.
Articulators position inference, from the acoustic information contained in the speech signal, offers new perspectives and interesting applications in the speech processing field.
New articulators, facebows, and concepts of occlusion, as well as the making of removable dies, are covered, and chapters on cosmetic restorations have been expanded.
While scientific instruments can reveal the precise qualities of a moment of sound, we can change the outcome by slight or major changes to our resonators, articulators, pitch, tonal quality and breath pressure.
Much of the investigative work aiming at determining the quantitative discrepancies between the CR and MI maxillomandibular positions was based on different conceptions of centric relation, registration techniques and methodologies used to estimate the reproducibility of the condyle/glenoid fossa relationship, either through articulators that do not take into account neither the presence of TMJ soft tissue nor its anatomical variability, or by means of radiographs obtained under varying degrees of magnification and restricted to the two-dimensional plane.
These midlife regime articulators struggle to innovate within a political environment where the governing party's cohesiveness cannot be taken for granted.
These variations depend on a number of factors, including laws of aerodynamics, articulatory movement velocity, and differences in the mass of the articulators (Cho and Ladefoged, 1999).
First, nonarticulating firms may become articulators at a similar rate to firms becoming nonarticulators.